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When it comes to ducks, you’ll find different breeds and varieties. One of the stunning types is the black and white duck. This is a combination of both colors, which gives a unique and eye-catching result.

Several varieties come into this category, and in this comprehensive guide, we’ll take an in-depth look into the breeds and some of their characteristics.

Top Black and White Duck Breeds

1. Pomeranian

Pomeranian duck

The Pomeranian is a duck with unique white and black coloring. They are striking, with white and black feathers coming in bands. This gives a distinct pattern to their look and makes them very sought after.

These birds are lively and energetic and are very active swimmers. They do very well for someone looking for an active companion. Even more so, these birds enjoy a lot of human interaction, making these birds ideal for living in an urban environment.

2. Toulouse

The Toulouse is a medium-sized breed of duck. These birds have a slight brown background with black and white feathers covering the top. This gives them an almost mottled look, making them a breed that stands out for their beauty.

Toulouse ducks are also a very hardy breed. They can withstand wet conditions, and their feathering makes them quite resistant to cold temperatures. They also make good eggs, laying around 200 each year.

3. Rouen

Rouen duck

The Rouen is a large breed of duck. It’s a black and white bird, coming mainly in white but with black legs and feet. These ducks are quite large, almost a foot in length, making them good for eating.

These birds are also good for producing around 120 eggs a year. They’re also hardy and can withstand wet environments, making them ideal for living in a backyard.

4.  Call

The Call is a unique duck breed because it has white feathers with a hint of black. This gives it a unique look while still being mostly white. The feathers of the Call are unique in that they are short, giving it a striking look.

Call ducks are also quite active and lively. They don’t produce many eggs, but they are quite vocal and make good pets. They even perform well in shows, making these birds quite popular for both their looks and personality

5. Muscovy

Muscovy mother duck with ducklings

The Muscovy is a duck that has black and white feathers. This mix of colors gives them a striking appearance. While they have white feathers, their feet and beaks are dark black.

These birds are quite large, often weighing up to ten pounds. They’re also quite strong, having strong wings and webbed feet, making them fast in the water. Muscovy ducks also make great food and eggs, laying around 140 yearly.

6. The mallard

The mallard, or wild duck, is the most common of the black and white duck breeds. A common species throughout North America and Europe, it is easily recognizable by its brown and black feathers, with white feathers on the chest and back. It is also a perennial favorite for backyard aviaries, as its basic nature makes it relatively easy to raise and care for.

7. The Pekin duck

Pekin duck

The Pekin duck is one of the most popular breeds for domesticated living. It has a large, white, almost square body, with a small head and orange bill. Its black feet and mostly black head make it stand out from other white ducks.

It is a highly prolific bird and is an excellent choice for egg production. It has a calm disposition, making it easy to handle and ideal for the family pet.

8.  The Bull Orpington

The Buff Orpington duck is yet another popular breed of black and white duck. It has a white and buff body, with a darker buff head, wings, and tail. Its placid and calm disposition is particularly suited for family life and thus makes it a popular choice for backyard aviaries. It makes a great egg layer known for its vigor and fertility.

9. The Silver Appleyard

The Silver Appleyard is another widely respected duck breed. Its distinctive black and white plumage and green head and wings make it a popular choice amongst duck enthusiasts. It is an excellent egg layer, and its non-aggressive nature makes it a great choice for family living.

10.  The Cayuga duck

Cayuga duck

The Cayuga duck is known for its striking black and white plumage with its green head. It is a smaller duck, typically standing around 20 inches tall, with a grey back, wings, and a white belly.

Moreover, the Cayuga duck is active and friendly, making them a great choice for domesticated living. They can lay around 180 eggs yearly and make wonderful additions to any backyard pond.

11. The Black India runner duck

The Black India runner duck is a true beauty of the black and white duck breeds. It has a white belly, black head, and body and typically stands about 16 inches in height. It is an excellent egg layer, can live for over ten years, and is particularly known for its calm temperament.

This unique breed is utilized in many ways, as it can be used for egg production, meat production, and duck shows or shows. Many consider this breed an all-around good duck to own, as it can provide you with eggs and meat.

Furthermore, since this duck has adapted to living on land rather than in the water, they do much better in many climates and can handle different terrain than many other breeds.

Another great use of the India Runner Duck is for showing or exhibitions. This breed has become popular in the show ring, so owners who have good specimens of this duck have the opportunity to show them at exhibitions

 12. White Pekin Duck

White Pekin ducks are one of the most common black-and-white ducks. They have golden eye color, white feathers, and a mainly black bill. Pekin ducks are relatively large, reaching 6-8 pounds in weight and 20 inches in length. They are a docile breed and are raised often for their meat and eggs.

 13. Mandarin Duck

Male mandarin duck

Mandarin ducks are an Asiatic duck species with colorful plumage, including white and black feathers on the head, back, and tail; a red bill; orange feet; and bright blue eyes. This species is usually found near rivers, lakes, and wooded areas. They are also popular among aviculturists.

14.  Fulvous Whistling-Duck

The Fulvous Whistling-Duck is mainly found in Africa and Central and South America. Its coloration is a mix of black and white feathers with a rufous breast and neck. This species can be distinguished from other black-and-white ducks by its long and whistled calls.

15. Teal Duck

Male teal duck

The Teal Duck is a small duck species with an iridescent green head, black and white speckles on its wings, a white belly, and red eyes. This species is very popular for waterfowl hunting and has a high population in many parts of the world.

Teal ducks are often considered one of the prettiest ducks in existence. They have a light teal color which can make them stand out against the rest and their other feathers. In terms of size, teal ducks are typically medium but can grow larger with age.

Teal ducks can be found anywhere from the Coast to Central America and even parts of Canada, but they tend to migrate to tropical climates during the colder winter months.

Teal ducks are monogamous birds, and flocks of teal ducks are often seen at night when they will socialize and make contact with others. When not in flight, they spend most of their time swimming or perching on rocks or trees.

16. Hooded Merganser

The Hooded Merganser is a small duck species native to North America. It has a black-and-white head with a crest resembling a hood. The males have a glossy green head, white neck, and black body. The females are smaller and have a muted brown coloration.

17. Scaly-sided Merganser

Scaly-sided merganser duck

The Scaly-sided Merganser is a rare and endangered species of duck. Males have a glossy black head, white neck, and black body. They also have distinctive yellow, green, and white feathers on the sides and back. Females are similar in coloration to males but with slightly duller feathers.


When it comes to ducks with black-and-white coloration, there are numerous breeds to choose from. Each one offers its own unique set of characteristics and beauty. Whether you’re looking for an active companion or a bird to raise for eggs, there’s a black and white duck out there.

No matter what you are looking for in a black-and-white duck breed, you will find something to suit your needs. It could be a pet to share your home with or a duck to add to your backyard pond. These stunning waterfowl will surely bring your life years of delight and joy.

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