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The fluffy cow breed is adorable with a thick and luxurious fur coat. Originally hailing from the Swiss Alps, the furry cow breed was found during the 16th century. Since then, it has become popular around the world. This is due to its sweet, friendly nature, as well as its unique furry coat.

Furthermore, the fluffy cow is mostly black and white, with some cows having all-black or all-white coats. Some of the interbreeding of the cows has produced colorful, tri-colored cows. The fur coat is thick, long, and soft, making it highly sought-after for clothing and home furnishing.

Caring for the fluffy cow breed

When caring for the fluffy cow breed, it’s important to keep their thick fur in mind. Properly grooming and brushing the coat is necessary, as it can become matted and messy. The diet of this fluffy cow should consist of a proper balance of hay, grass, and oats, with hay being the primary source of nutrition.

The fluffy cow breed is a gentle and patient animal. They have been known to have a strong bond with their handlers, forming a close relationship that makes them very easy to manage. They are also highly trainable, excelling at a variety of tasks.

The fluffy cow breed is a great choice for those looking for a unique and beautiful breed of animal. Not only are they adorable and friendly, but they are also incredibly easy to take care of. Their thick coats keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and their sweet personalities make them the perfect addition to a family farm or ranch.

If you’re looking for a furry, affectionate, gentle dairy cow, look no further – fluffy cow breeds have you covered! Fluffy cows come in many shapes and sizes, from the miniature Dexter to the majestic Jersey and Holstein.

Whether you’re looking for a small farm cow to provide you with fresh cow’s milk or simply a furry pet, read on to discover more about these cuddly cows.

Top 9 Fluffy cow breeds

Red dexter cow


The Dexter cow is a heritage breed of cattle that has been around for hundreds of years. Developed in Ireland by the McLoughlin family, the Dexter cow is a small, docile breed with a friendly temperament. It is known for its strong muscles and powerful frame, yet still being easy to handle and gentle.

The Dexter cow is a multi-purpose cattle breed, providing both meat and milk. As a dual-purpose breed, the Dexter cow is well adapted to rough terrain, making it an ideal choice for rural farmers and homesteaders. It is also a hardy breed and, because of its small size, is less expensive to maintain than larger breeds.

Not only is the Dexter cow hardy and cost-effective, but it is also known to be genetically healthy. This is because it has long been isolated from other breeds and has been bred in isolation for many years. This has caused the breed to have certain rare genetic traits preserved over the years.

Majestic Jersey

The Jersey Fluffy Cow is an iconic breed of cows from the isle of Jersey, situated off the coast of France. They are known for their unique coat of downy, soft ‘fluffy’ fur and distinctively shaped horns. Jersey Fluffy Cows have become synonymous with the island and are a classic symbol of Jersey’s history and culture.

Originally bred for its meat, the Jersey Fluffy Cow has become more popular for their fluffy fur rather than for their meat. This is due to their long, soft hair that produces a natural wooly texture, making them incredibly desirable in the fashion industry.

They also possess a unique physique. Their neck is larger than any other breed, and they have an extraordinary bell-shaped curve in their frame. The color of their coats varies from shades of white, brown, red, yellow, or grey, which makes them even more special.

Many don’t know that the Jersey Fluffy Cow is incredibly intelligent. They are incredibly social creatures, capable of learning and adapting to their environment.


Holstein cows

The Holstein Fluffy is an uncommon breed of majestic cows characterized by their thick coats and striking color patterns. These cows are an impressive sight to behold and can live for up to 25 years or more. Holstein Fluffy cows have a compelling history, with their presence in Europe dating back to the Middle Ages.

The most recognizable feature of the Holstein Fluffy is its distinct fur. This breed of cows features a full-bodied coat with various colors, from black of various hues and shades to slightly paler browns.

The fur is incredibly soft and fluffy, rendering them both comfortable and pleasant to touch. Holstein Fluffy cows are usually skittish, so handling them gently is especially important. Their coats require regular grooming; otherwise, their fur will quickly become matted and difficult to manage.


Black angus cow

The Angus Fluffy cow is also an environmentally friendly breed, as they can graze in areas that would otherwise be difficult to manage. This is especially beneficial, as they are low-maintenance animals and can thrive on minimal inputs while providing healthy, quality beef.

Angus Fluffy Cows have a long history of enduring popularity since their introduction in the late 1800s. They have become a beloved part of both British and American culture. Despite their popularity, they remain a rarity, breeding only in a handful of farms in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Today, the Angus Fluffy cow can still be found scattered on farms across the United States, Britain, and worldwide. Their soft coats, friendly nature, and hardy constitution make them a favorite among farmers and consumers.


The Pixie is the smallest of the fluffy cows, boasting fine, soft fur and a friendly disposition. The miniature Dexter is also a favorite, providing farm owners with the perfect cow size for a smaller farm setup. But the breeds don’t stop there! There are also the majestic Jerseys and Holsteins, spectacular black and white fur, and proud demeanors.


One of the most popular is known as miniature cows or mini-cows. These fluffy bovines come in many different colors and sizes, ranging from just over one meter tall to nearly two meters, with a solid weight of 450kg. Mini cows are a great choice because they are both smaller and hardier than traditional cows, making them an ideal pet or small farm animal.

Large Fluffy Longhorn

Large fluffy cow

The large, fluffy Longhorn cow is another classic breed – and looks rather delightful! Their trademark large horns can reach up to one and a half meters wide, and their wooly white or brown coat makes them look positively cuddly. They are larger than the mini-cows but still smaller than traditional cows and weigh up to 750kg.

Shorthorn breed

The shorthorn breed, a cousin of the Longhorn, is smaller – but just as fluffy! They, too, possess classic horns that can be as long as one meter, and their shorter coats can range from white to black with cream spots. These make great pets due to their temperament and size.

Beefalo breed

White beefalo

The beefalo breed is a hybrid of the domesticated cow and the American bison. It is an impressive beast with a broad chest and long horns that can reach up to one meter. Not only is the beefalo breed larger than the other fluffy cows, with a weight of up to 850kg, but it is known for its docile temperament.

Characteristics of the Fluffy Cow Breeds

So what makes these cows so great? One of the main advantages of having a small, fluffy cow is that they tend to be affectionate and gentle. They’re also very low-maintenance, so they require minimal effort to keep them healthy. And, of course, their adorable looks are sure to make any farm look great.

These cows tend to be very gentle, too. That’s why the Dexter is so popular for family farms – it’s not only a great milker but also very friendly and makes an excellent pet. The larger breeds, like the Jersey and Angus, are also known for loving demeanors.

Advantages of Having a Fluffy Cow

Owning a fluffy cow comes with plenty of benefits. As a farm owner, you’ll enjoy fresh and creamy milk regularly. Meanwhile, smaller breeds can offer you great companionship and a comforting presence in your home.

They’re also great at providing sound therapy – their melodic mooing and gentle demeanor help to calm the nerves and add to the peaceful atmosphere of any farm.

What To Watch Out For With Fluffy Cow Breeds

Owning a cow requires some special care and attention. Be sure to keep an eye on their health and make sure they’re getting enough exercise.

As with any animal, a cow’s needs can change over the years, and you’ll need to adjust to fit their needs. But with the right amount of love and care, these cows can become invaluable members of your farm family.


Whether you’re looking for a pet, a milker, or a companion, a fluffy cow is a perfect choice. With their adorable appearance and gentle demeanors, these cows make great friends and farm partners. So if you’re looking for the perfect animal to enrich your home and farm – look no further than the fluffy cow.

So have you decided which fluffy cow breed suits you best? Whether you are looking for a pet, farm animal, or show cow, there is something available that will make a great addition to your family. Check out what’s available in your local area and prepare to welcome your friendly, furry cow to its new home!

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