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Goats will gladly eat fruits if you make it a regulated part of their meal. They can eat some common fruits, so you don’t have to conduct complex research to complete their diet. One of those fruits your goat will munch happily is Apple.

While they’ll eat apples if you give them, it’s essential to find out if it’ll benefit them. Also, it’s best to learn how to serve the fruit correctly.

This article will let you know if your goats can eat apples. You’ll also learn some essentials of feeding your animals the fruit.

Can Goats Eat Apples?

Goats can only thrive on vegetarian diets because they are herbivorous animals. Anything dairy or milk shouldn’t make it near their meal plan. They won’t even eat it.

However, goats can eat apples, but you should only feed them in moderation. The fruit contains fiber and vitamins that can positively impact your goat’s health. Apples also taste awesome in their mouth as it does in yours.

Hay and grains should make up the bulk of your goat’s diet. While apple also contains valuable nutrients, you should only give them as a treat.

Can Goats Eat Apple Seeds?

Goats can eat apple seeds. However, the seeds contain cyanide which can be dangerous for your goats if they consume it in huge quantities.

While this information may be scary, they’ll need to eat around 5 pounds of apple seeds in a single day for it to harm them. Of course, you aren’t planning on feeding your goats that many apple seeds.

Since you’re not, your animals should be okay eating the seeds in their normal apple ration. You can remove the seeds from the fruit if you want, but it’s unnecessary. Therefore you should avoid releasing your animal into your vineyard and allow them to eat frantically.

Can Goats Eat Apple Leaves?

apple leaves isolated

Goats will be more than happy if you serve them a meal of apple leaves. They’ll eat everything about an apple if you give them; the bark, branch, etc.

So feel free to feed them fresh apple leaves if you can get some. The leaves also have some level of nutrients that can benefit your goats as well.

However, you should note that the actual fruit is more beneficial to them than the leaves. It’s essential to wash the leaves adequately before you give them to your animal. Leaves are more likely to have pesticides than the actual fruit.

How Should You Feed Apples to Your Goats?

Feeding your goats apples isn’t hard. Firstly, ensure that you wash them adequately as a dirty one might cause problems. Also, the fruit might have traces of pesticides or inedible preservatives.

After washing the fruits properly, you should cut them into bite-sized pieces because your goats might suffocate if you give them as a whole. Additionally, you should avoid feeding them spoilt apples, as it could mess up their digestive system.

The standard feeding recommendation for feeding your goats apple is one per day. So it’s safe to say an apple a day keeps the veterinarian away. Giving the goats two or three isn’t overboard, but don’t give them a lot in one round.

Can Baby Goats Eat Apples?

It depends on the age of the “baby goat.” You shouldn’t feed your baby goats apples until they are at least two months old. A young goat should thrive solely on the mother’s milk for the first 30 days of its life.

After the first month, you can introduce them to hay and grains in little rations. Apples can wait till later because it’s only a treat.

Even if you start giving it to them, feed them in small quantities and observe their body’s reaction. Baby animals still have a developing reproductive system, so you take extra care when introducing new things into their body. Only feed them the best apples, or don’t feed them.

What Happens If I Overfeed My Goats Apples?

Overfeeding your goat apples might cause bloating. Bloating is when your goat cannot burp.

Goats absorb nutrients from their foods through a complex fermentation process, and their rumen produces a lot of gas to help them ferment foods properly.

Your goat removes excess gas from its body through belching. When this rumen is blocked, it’s called bloat and can be fatal for your goat if you don’t treat it.

Benefits of Apples to Goats

Apples have many fantastic benefits for your pets if you feed them correctly. It contains essential vitamins and minerals your animals need to stay in good shape. Additionally, it contains antioxidants that can be impactful in helping them combat illnesses.

The calorie concentration in apples is relatively low, meaning it’s decent for weight control. Lastly, the abrasive texture of the fruit can also help your goats to maintain good oral health.

It’s best not to start overfeeding your goats the fruit simply because the advantages are tempting. They can only get most of these benefits if you feed them the fruit correctly.

Disadvantages of Giving Your Goats Apples

While the calorie concentration in apples is low, your goats can still develop a high risk of obesity if you give them too many because apples have high sugar. A tip to help control the amount of sugar intake is to feed them apples that don’t have very high sugar.

Granny Smith apples and Tart apples have smaller glucose concentrations than the others, so they’re safer for your goats if you want to control their weight.

Chocking is also a common danger of feeding your goat apples. Luckily, you can prevent choking on your animal by cutting the fruit into bite-sized pieces, as mentioned earlier in the article.

These are the most common downsides of feeding apples to your goats. Unless you’re feeding them spoilt or dirty fruits, moderately feeding apples to your goats won’t harm them.

You should note that some goats can be allergic to the fruit. So if your animal ignores a meal of apples, it’s best not to force it on them. Find suitable alternatives and beneficial fruits that they can eat. Talking about other fruits they can eat; brings us to the next section.

What Are Other Fruits That Goats Can Eat?

Goats have many options when it comes to giving them fruits. However, they should only remain a treat. All fruits contain nutrients best utilized by their system if you give them moderately. That said, here are some fruits that your goats can eat.

Can Goats Drink Apple Juices?

Goats can drink fresh apple juices since it’s apples in a liquid form. Like you would feed them the real thing, you should only give them the juice in moderation. It’s best to avoid fruits with high sugar content.

You should also avoid giving them fruits with too many preservatives or human-friendly ingredients. Apple ciders and wines are unhealthy for goats because they contain alcohol which can be dangerous. Summarily, don’t give your goats apple juices if you’re unsure of the production processes.


Goats can eat all types of apples. It’s best to feed your goats the apples you planted yourself because then you’ll be sure of the healthiness of the fruit. If you don’t have an apple tree, it’s okay to feed them fruits that you purchased from a trusted store.

Supervision is essential when you’re feeding apples to your goats. Ensure that you’re around their pen when giving it to them so you can respond promptly to emergencies.

Lastly, don’t forget to always clean the fruits before feeding them to your goats, as clean foods make a healthy animal.

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