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Many people are left wondering whether goats and pigs can live together. Is it even possible for two such distinct species to get along in the same space?

Sure, why not?! Although they may be two different animals, goats and pigs can live together with a few special provisions to ensure they’re both comfortable. But before we dive into the details of keeping them together, let’s look at a few things about each.

Social Interactions: Pigs & Goats

Goats are pretty social animals and can recognize around 50 other goats individually. They also need companionship and enjoy the company of humans and other animals. They are hardy and adaptable to different climates and environments, so this part of the equation for living together isn’t too tricky when figuring out how to make it work.

Pigs are similar to goats in that they are also highly social animals that benefit from human and animal companionship. They are also quite hardy and can adapt to various climatic conditions. It is all good news when it comes to living with goats.

Goats & Pigs Living Together

We’ve all seen goats, pigs, and other farm animals living harmoniously in the same field, but did you ever wonder why that is? It might surprise you to know that goats and pigs, when given a chance, can become friends and partners.

In essence, it is perfectly safe and possible for goats and pigs to live together. The most crucial factor is to provide them with enough space. You’ll want to ensure that each animal has ample room to roam and play for adequate freedom and comfort.

In addition, be sure to feed them both a healthy diet of fruits, veggies, and hay and supplement each animal with appropriate supplements and medical care.

Although there is no rule of thumb for keeping goats and pigs together, you can do it successfully. Just provide them enough space, food, and healthy companionship; you’ll have two thrilled animals!

Goats and pigs on the farm

The Benefits of Pigs and Goats Living Together

Goats and pigs have a long, successful history of living together. Pigs and goats have often lived together on farms, with goats protecting foxes and other predators. Naturally curious and wanting to explore, pigs take advantage of their goat friends’ vigilant sentry behavior, while goats enjoy social interaction with other animals.

Surprisingly, goats and pigs can get along indeed and live in harmony. It all comes down to their environment and how they are trained. When given the right atmosphere and proper introductions, there is no reason why goats and pigs cannot cohabitate.

Furthermore, having animals of different species living together in harmony brings about many benefits. All animals benefit from having companions of a species other than their own—goats and pigs can help keep each other company when other animals are not around.

Also, since pigs and goats have different diets and behaviors, they are less likely to compete for food and resources.

There are still more advantages to having these two animals living together. For starters, it can significantly cut down costs. Raising multiple species on a single farm saves farmers money in areas such as feed and upkeep.

Plus, having two different species living alongside one another can make for a more diverse and exciting ecosystem. Pigs and goats fulfill completely different roles when working the land. It can help create a more productive and well-rounded operation.

Creating the Ideal Environment for Goats & Pigs to Live Together

The thought of goats and pigs living in the same environment can be daunting. At first glance, the two animals appear to have little in common, with goats being much more energetic and impulsive than pigs. Despite their differences, it’s possible to create a harmonious environment for goats and pigs to coexist.

Give Them Space

When it comes to living spaces, both goats and pigs need shelter. When bringing goats and pigs into the same area, ensuring both animals have enough room to move around is essential.

Pigs are less active than goats and need plenty of space to roam. They like to inhabit relatively large and spacious digs, so building their burrows with walls and ceilings is best.

On the other hand, it’s much simpler for goats to erect and maintain a sturdy fence. They require a play area to relieve their energy. Allowing plenty of room for each animal will keep them both content.

It is also wise to consider the animals’ personalities when designing their sleeping quarters. Pigs are best kept separate, as their sociability varies greatly, while goats tend to be rather gregarious and should therefore be housed in groups.

Provide Enrichment

Providing pigs and goats with enough mental stimulation is essential to keep them motivated and healthy. Pigs need objects to root around and a comfortable place to sleep, while goats need access to various toys and things to explore. By supplying enrichment for both animals, the environment can be more enjoyable.

Monitor Social Behavior

Goats and pigs are both highly social creatures and must be around other animals of their species. While they may not get along, they should be monitored to ensure they aren’t harassing or attacking one another. If behavior gets too severe, separating the animals into different pens may be necessary.

Supplement Feedings

it would help if you gave different diets to goats and pigs since they both require additional nutrients. Pigs need lots of protein and a varied diet, while goats require lots of grass, hay, and other plant-based feeds. To keep animals healthy and content, they should receive individualized diets and plenty of treats.

Creating the perfect environment for goats and pigs to live together is easier than you might think. They can make a harmonious home with the right care and attention to both animals.

In addition, the physical makeup of the area must also be conducive to both pigs and goats. If it’s too rough and hilly, the goats will have trouble traversing it, and vice versa if it’s too flat and marshy.

worried goat looking at lying piggy

The Drawbacks of Keeping Goats and Pigs Together

Due to their wildly different sizes, personalities, and preferences, goats and pigs are often considered strange bedfellow’s unlikely companions. So, what happens when you put these two animals in the same space?

Despite their differences, goats and pigs can cohabit quite happily, but there are a few potential drawbacks to be aware of before mixing the two species.

1. Dominance Struggles

Due to their respective natures, it’s standard for goats and pigs to struggle for dominance once they’re living together. Goats like to be in charge and push pigs around to establish dominance. Despite their generally docile nature, pigs can fight back to protect themselves and other animals, leading to a nasty standoff.

2. Nutritional Requirements Vary

A significant drawback of keeping goats and pigs together is their varying nutritional needs. Goats are browsers and prefer to eat leaves, twigs, and shrubbery, while pigs are omnivorous and require a balanced diet of plant-based and animal protein. Creating a balanced diet that satisfies both animals can make it challenging.

3. Rules Of Containment

Another potential problem that can arise from having goats and pigs living in the same area is the necessitates for increased confinement measures.

Pigs require secure fencing to contain them, and enclosures for goats need to be tall enough to prevent them from jumping out. These factors can add enormously to the cost and complexity of holding both species.

4. Competition For Shelter

Since pigs are naturally quite territorial and goats are also entirely driven when it comes to stakes, it’s common for tension to develop between the two as they compete for sheltered spots in the enclosure. It can become quite heated, especially during cold weather when both animals seek refuge from freezing temperatures.

Keeping goats and pigs together is a good thing, but it’s essential to consider the potential drawbacks and plan accordingly. If designed and managed correctly, both animals can coexist peacefully, which requires careful planning and consideration.


The potential for goats and pigs to live together is quite natural. But it requires a great deal of planning and preparation. Now that you know this, these two species can live together and thrive with the right set-up, resulting in a healthy, sustainable, and enjoyable ecosystem.

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