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A Kubota B2601 like every other tractor must definitely have its own problems. There are over a thousand tractor models being released daily. However, the tractor that promises exceptional quality is the Kubota B2601. In as much as the model has an exceptional front-loading feature, it still faces its own problems.

The compact tractor was released in 2018 and ever since its release, it has shown productivity. This includes working on various household farms to hard farming jobs.

This tractor has so many things to offer. Aforementioned above, like any other tractor, this tractor has its own shortcomings. These are the things you need to know before purchasing it. Let’s jump into details!

Kubota B2601 problems and some common solutions

The Kubota is a well-respected brand. But yet, there are a few problems that owners of the Kubota B2601 seem to deal with the most.

Although it doesn’t change the fact that the tractor is still an extraordinary one. You just need to bear it in mind to know what to expect.

Kubota B2601

Outlined below are the most common problems users with the Kubota B2601 face.

Engine overheating

This is one of the common problems faced by most users of the Kubota B2601. Moreover, this may be a result of a blocked air filter. If it isn’t that, then it’s caused by dead batteries or issues with the battery cables. A common cause could be due to the lack of proper airflow in the radiator.

Nevertheless, if you ever find yourself in any of the categories mentioned above, then there’s a solution. The first thing you need to do is to check the battery. Once you check the battery and find out the cause, you can rule out the issues from there.

Most times, you don’t need to take the tractor to a technician to sort out the problem. Fixing the problem could be as simple as cleaning some dirt. It could also be done by replacing the engine if need be. These are very easy troubleshooting steps. They would not just fix the problem, but they’ll help you save some bucks too.

Transmission, hydrostatic, and pedal problem

Most customers face a lot of problems with the pedal. The pedal is usually threaded on. It is controlled by the foot to deliver the engine to the hydrostatic transmission. The pedals of the Kubota B2601 get too stiff most times. If you decide to reverse, it will take more effort than the forward push.

This has caused a lot of disturbance among operators of the Kubota B2601. However, it can be resolved. The stiffness can be due to over tightened bolt or lack of lubricant.

So to resolve this, you can lubricate the pedals and loosen up the bolts a little. You can also exert more pressure on the pedal with your hand on the reverse end.

Engine soot

The build-up of soot in the engine had caused a lot of complaints among operators. Users complain of a large amount of soot collected in the diesel engine.

Although the build-up of soot in the engine may seem like a common problem, excess of it can damage the engine. The soot is a by-product of incomplete combustion.

To rectify the engine soot issue, you must change the oil in the engine frequently. With time, the soot will lighten and when it does, it will have an impact on the tractor.

Tach loader connection problems

One of the problems faced by operators is the amount of leakage in the tach loader connection. However, bear in mind that this leakage can only happen when the seals are loose. In essence, if the seals around multiple fittings are not firmly closed, leakage will occur.

To resolve this, you must check the filter in the hydraulic system regularly. This way, you can easily regulate the seals and the power in the hydraulic circuit.

The seals are bound to go through chafing, you need to check regularly. You can also analyze it and protect the section of the hose for a leak-free line.

If the seals or fittings are damaged, you can go to the nearest automobile shop to purchase a new one. In addition, every four hours you need to replace the hydraulic and transmission fluid/filter.

Problems with starting

So many operators have complained of the Kubota B2601 starting problems. If you find yourself in such a situation, it can be due to bad switches and dirty terminals.

To resolve this, you can replace the switches and clean up the battery cable. If it still doesn’t work, you can contact the seller.

HST transmission noises

Another common problem with this tractor is the HST transmission noises. This can be caused by worn-out or misadjusted speed control linkage. It can also be due to contaminated fluid or insufficient fluid level.

To resolve this, first, you need to reduce the load on the tractor. Change the transmission fluid and replace the valve. You can also check the hydrostatic transmission components for damage. You can. Change it if need be.

The slow lifting process with the three-point hitch

Most operators have complained about the problems they face when lifting with the Kubota B2601. This problem can be caused by a damaged hydraulic pump and damaged spool valve. It can also be caused by insufficient hydraulic oil and excessive load on the hitch.

To resolve the issue, you must repair and replace the hydraulic pump. You can change the relief valve and install a new one. You can also repair the hydraulic filter or change it completely. Lastly, you can try to reduce the load on the hitch.

Charging issues

This can be caused by corroded and loose electrical cables. A defective battery terminal clamp and the damaged or loose belt may also be behind the reason.

To resolve this, you can start by tightening and repairing the electrical cables. Then you can change the terminal cables, replace the battery and adjust the belts.


The Kubota B2601 is a versatile machine. It can withstand adverse field conditions while combining modern technology. However, the machine may still experience common drawbacks.

You must understand that every tractor including the Kubota B2601 may need to be repaired at some point. The best part is that most of the problems can be resolved yourself. In rare cases, you may need to take it to a dealer to repair it

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