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Looking for a quality tractor that won’t break the bank? The Kubota B7500 might be just what you’re looking for.

This tough little machine is packed with features that make it perfect for a wide range of applications. Keep reading to learn more about the Kubota B7500 and see if it’s the right tractor for you.

Whether you’re a Kubota fan or not, there’s no doubt that the Kubota B7500 is a tractor that’s built to last. If you’re in the market for a new tractor, the B7500 should definitely be on your list. In this article, we’ll take a look at what makes the B7500 so special.

Kubota B7500 overview

A 4WD small utility tractor from the B series is the Kubota B7500. Between 2000 and 2003, Kubota produced this tractor. The Kubota B7500 has a 1.0 L three-cylinder diesel engine and one of two transmissions. They include the hydrostatic transmission with infinite (2-range) forward and reverse gears for the B7500 HSD version.

It also includes the gear shift transmission with a dry disc clutch transmission and 6 forward and 2 reverse gears for the 7500D version. The Kubota D1005-E-D16 engine powered the Kubota B7500 compact utility tractor. It has a three-cylinder, natural-aspirated diesel engine with a displacement of 1.0 L (1,001 cm2) and a bore and stroke of 76.0 mm (2.99 in) and 73.6 mm (2.9 in), respectively.

The output of this engine is 21.4 PS (15.7 kW; 21.0 HP) at a maximum output power of 2,600 rpm. The Kubota B7500 has power steering, wet disc brakes, and an open operator station with two-post ROPS. Furthermore, it also has a fuel tank capacity of 19.0 liters which is about 5 US gal 4.2 Imp. gal.

Kubota B7500 Tractor Specs and Price

Kubota B7500 tractor

Transmission system

The Kubota b7500 utilizes two transmission systems. The gear shift with dry disc clutch and the hydrostatic transmission system. The gear shift with dry disc clutch aids the six forward and two reverse gear movements.

It has an oil capacity of 11.5 L (3 US. gal, 2.5 Imp. gal.). While the hydrostatic transmission system aids the infinite (2-range) forward and reverses gear movement. This system has an oil capacity of 12.5 L (3.3 US. gal. 2.7 imp. gal).


As aforementioned above, the Kubota b7500 engine is powered by the Kubota D1005 engine. It has a 4 stroke, SOHC, and three-cylinder engine. It utilizes diesel fuel and it has a liquid-cooled cooling system with a cooling capacity of 3.8 L.

It has a maximum horsepower of 21.4ps at 2,600rpm and a maximum torque of 59.7 N.M. Furthermore, this engine makes use of an electric starting system with a 12V starter. It also uses a glow plug in the combustion chamber starting support device.

Hydraulic system and PTO

The Kubota b7500 uses an open-center hydraulic system. It has a total flow of 7.0gmp. The power take-off shaft (PTO) has a middle speed of 2,500rpm.

It has a rear that comprises transmission (gear) and an independent (HSD) PTO. The rear PTO speed is 540rpm. The PTO system of this tractor helps to increase pulling and lifting. It has a lifting capacity of 24inces behind the pin.


The Kubota b7500 tire has an Ag front of 6-12 and an Ag rear of 9.5-16. This is one of the few Kubota tractors with a light weighted tire. It has a forward and a reverse traveling speed.


The Kubota b7500 tractor has a weight of 1,367 Ibs (620kg) which includes the hydro system. In addition, with the gear system inclusive, it has a  weight of 1,323 Ibs (600kg).

The height of the steering wheel is 52.2inches. It has a width of 42.4 inches. The length of the b7500 is 90.4inches with a wheelbase of 59 inches. It has a ground clearance of 12 inches and a 2WD turning radius of 2.0m.

Operating system

It is well-built with an exceptional operating system. All the commands are boldly written for the operator on the various buttons.

It has an open cabin-type operator system that consists of two ROPs. The cab aids are easy to use and provide comfort and stability to the operator whenever the tractor is in use.


The original price of the Kubota b7500 tractor is $6,400.

Pros & Cons of the B7500


  • The engine produces a lot of horsepowers compared to other Kubota tractor engines.
  • It has an excellent power steering
  • It uses a wet disc type of brakes
  • It has an open operator station
  • It has a high lift capacity
  • It allows the use of various attachments


  • The diesel engine takes time to start in cold weather conditions
  • No warranty


The Kubota b7500 is a compact and excellent tractor that can be used to carry out daily activities on the farm. It is compatible with various attachments and it is a very versatile tractor.

All you need to know about this tractor has been reviewed in the article. I hope you make the right choice!

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