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The Kubota BX2380 is a compact tractor with intuitive versatility, reliability, and heavy power. If you’re on the lookout for an efficient tractor, then the Kubota BX2380 is the one you’re seeking. Moreover, there are still some common drawbacks you may face with this tractor.

This tractor is still acknowledged as one of the most popular choices among customers. It’s a remarkable combination of power and size. This makes it more desirable for all.

As the saying goes, “everything in the universe has its pros and cons”, the Kubota BX2380 is not exempted. In essence, you might be facing some problems with this tractor.

As you might guess, this article will cover all the major drawbacks of this tractor. As well as quick solutions.

Common problems with Kubota BX2380 and Quick fixes

Kubota BX2380 Tractor

As aforementioned above, everything in the universe has its cons and perks. So, let’s learn about these common problems as well as quick ways to rectify them.

The Kubota tractor starts properly and shuts off immediately

Fuel shortage may be to blame if the tractor starts up smoothly but suddenly shuts down.

Quick solutions

You can use these suggestions to solve this issue.

  • Start by checking for problems with the fuel and air filters, fuel pump, fuel lines, and air lines.
  •  you notice that the fuel line is obstructed, you can clear the obstruction using high-pressure air.
  • Examine the fuel filter, if it is excessively dirty, it would be wiser to replace the entire unit.
  • Occasionally, a bad gasoline pump might also lead to serious issues. For the pump to function effectively, make sure there is no trapped air inside.

The folding ROPS pins line up wrongly

The majority of buyers have said that this tractor operates rather smoothly and that it is easy for beginners to control. Some users have had issues with the folding ROPS.

Some customers claimed that it is rather simple to remove the pins from each side when placing the folding ROPS down. But when they fold the ROPS back up, they have difficulty since they don’t line up the pins. They ultimately operate the tractor with ROPS up, but only one side’s pin is correctly aligned.

Although this is not a serious technical issue, it is disappointing from a mid-range to high-end product. However, to solve this issue, you can back out the existing screws on the ROPS front. This will allow the pins to enter smoothly and line up properly.

Wrong placement of the grab handle and fuel tank

Although the Kubota BX2380 tractor’s fuel fill position is typical, not all customers may find that position to be comfortable. Specifically designed gas cans with tiny spouts are required by the United States government for tasks involving fuel filling. This is due to the proximity of the gas can and grab handle to the fuel tank. This makes filling the fuel tank with it difficult when you try to use it.

Some people might consider it to be a minor design flaw, but if the grab handle had been positioned further front to maintain a reasonable distance, the issue would not have existed, to begin with.

Low-quality third-function connection

Since the third function is a factory component, most buyers have it installed at the time of purchase. However, some clients have expressed their dissatisfaction due to the discrepancy between what they expected and what they received.

The third function part’s electrical connection is of fairly poor quality. Customers have also complained that certain connecting components merely flop about and lay flat. This is because they are not hooked up tightly.

Now, since some dealers employ aftermarket choices for the third function to save money, we cannot hold the company responsible for this deficiency. To resolve this, you must purchase a new third-function connection of high quality.

Abnormal noise in the engine

Another common problem you may face with the Kubota BX2380 is the abnormal noise it makes. However, it can be resolved. One reason for this is that the engine has not been warmed up completely.

It can also be caused by Inadequate engine oil, incorrect timing of fuel injection, and worn-out or damaged pistons. The connecting rod may also be crooked or worn out.

Quick solutions

  • Warm up the engine as necessary.
  • The engine crankcase should be lubricated.
  • Correctly adjust the fuel pump timing.
  • Replacement pistons are required.
  • The connecting rod has to be realigned or replaced.

Transmission oil overheats

This can be caused by excessive load and damaged cooling components. This can also be due to a low fluid level and a clogged transmission filter.

To resolve this, first, you must reduce the load and inspect the cooling components. You must regularly check the transmission fluid and the transmission fluid filter.

Problems with the steering box

Most operators complain about problems with the steering box. However, Knowing that a bad steering box is to blame for loose steering and a wobbly front wheel is important. The wheels’ resistance to rotation may be another cause.

When you store or use your tractor in torrential rain, this problem frequently arises. Any water that enters the steering box will start harming it right away.

Here is a straightforward fix for your steering box problem.

To release the trapped water, all you need to do is unhook the weep hole. You won’t have to through this issue again if you do this regularly.

Engagement issues with the PTO

The PTO shaft will occasionally not turn after the clutch has been engaged. Even though the PTO light might also be on, this issue may still arise. This problem can affect any model, it is not specific to the Kubota BX2380.

You can try the solutions listed below to resolve this problem.

  • Start by looking at the clutch’s hand lever. The clutch may not engage if the linkage is bent. So, make sure it is fixed if it is bent or unplugged.
  • You can also attempt to manually turn the PTO shaft. The mechanism should become free and turn easily once you physically move it one way.
  • To ensure appropriate engagement, try moving it a different way after that.


Kubota BX2380 is a versatile machine that can help you carry out any activity on the farm. However, as mentioned before, every tractor must become problematic after some time of use.

Moreover, with proper maintenance, you can avoid those problems. If you still encounter them, you can use the quick solutions provided in this article!

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