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Are you looking for a tractor with the best value for money? Do you need a tractor that can help you carry out activities on the farm? The Kubota m9540 tractor is the most efficient, stylish, smart, and inexpensive tractor. It is perfect for plowing, livestock farming, and orchards and it doesn’t stop there.

This tractor gives you the durability and efficiency to take on just any task you throw at it. Want to discover the best part?

As you read through, you will find all the information you need concerning this tractor. This includes the price, general specifications, and features. Let’s dig a little deeper.

Overview of the Kubota m9540

The Kubota M9540 is one of the best value-for-money tractors that increases productivity. It has a spacious grand cab that offers operators more comfortable to carry out activities with it.

Furthermore, its air is circulated throughout the windshield to prevent fogging, icing and frosting. It is the best tractor for field use. The front wiper is in a pantograph style.

It increases visibility on rainy days and also improves the safety of the operator. It has standard accessories such as windshield wipers, work lights, right mirrors, lighters, and sun visors.

In addition to the aforementioned, this tractor also has a front loader that aids the loading power. It has a horsepower of 95hp.

Kubota M9540 features

Kubota M9540 tractor

Transmission system

The Kubota m9540 has a transmission system of F12/R12. Furthermore, this key feature helps it to carry out heavy activities such as digging, plowing, and pulling. In addition to that, the hydraulic model is also equipped with a transmitter system.

This enables it to perform simple operations such as moving forward, backward, and reversing smoothly. It has a brake lock that is reliable and durable, especially during terrain conditions.


This tractor is designed with a V3800DI-T engine. It utilizes a center direct and reliable four-halve system to attain a high towing power. This engine is a perky 3.8l turbocharged engine that meets a high emission standard.

The Kubota m9540 engine provides additional durability, maximum power, and fuel efficiency. It has a PTO horsepower of 84HP and an SAE net power of 94.5HP. Compared to other engines of a tractor, the m9540 engine has the lowest noise.

Hydraulic system

The Kubota m9540 tractor has a hydraulic system that doesn’t exclude the brake system. It is one of the most important features as it improves safety when the trailers are pulled. It has a high 3-point hitch category that lifts a 4100kg capacity. However, the 3-point hitch pump capacity is just 64.3L/min.

It makes use of a standardized floating lift road that offers a smooth ride and enhanced traction. The 540rpm/1000rpm for the PTO makes pulling, cutting, and lifting easier. It has a bevel-gear front that offers excellent maneuverability.

Operating environment

In as much as the cab has a compact appearance from the outward look, the wide doors still give easy access. It has an arched top that gives visibility even when it is required to lift a heavy weight.

It gives the operator an easy ride, adjustable air seat, and a column tilting for a good driving position. The control and hydraulic levelers are well arranged for easy use.

Usage system

It has a really impressive usage system. It is well-built and well-thought-out. It uses an auto self-leveler that is incorporated into the hydraulic ram.

This helps to avoid any extra mechanical linkage that may block visibility. Moreover, the self-leveler can be turned off with a switch when it is not required.


The tires of this tractor can go over 3.5metres off the ground and it has a lifting capacity of over 1.3tonnes. It has a 360/70R24 tire on the front and a 480/70R30 tire on the rear. In essence, it increases the movement of the tractor and also maintains a graceful appearance.

Kubota M9540 Specifications and Price


Rated engine RPM 400RPM 400
Number of cylinders4
Engine net power 95HP  95HP
PTO power84HP
Displacement  3769CC
Fuel capacity90/110 liter
Alternator ROPS45/60 Amp

Hydraulic system

Pump capacity  64.3L/min
Point Hitch  Quick-hitch lower link ends and telescopic stabilizers
Lift capacity    4100kg
System of controlDraft, position, and mix control
Remote valves2 standard

Transmission system

Speed  F12 / R12
Main gear  6/synchronized fully
Hydraulic-shuttleColumn-mounted and standard lever
Main clutch typeMultiple-plate wet disc
Brake type  4 wheel brake
Differential lockHydraulic Differential Lock
Clutch type (4WD)Electronic hydraulic clutch
Wheel brakes  Standard

Other specs

BonnetSteel, fully open and slanted
SteeringHydrostatic power
Pedal typeHanging pedals
Panel  Electronic
Shape of fender  Standard
PTO typeelectro-hydraulic clutch and live independent
Speed of PTO540/100rpm
Weight  3305kg
Overall length  3955mm
Overall height  2650mm
Turning radius  3.8m
Wheelbase (Rops /cab)  2250mm

Pros and Cons of the M9540 Tractor


  • The four-wheel drive uses hydraulic for smooth engagement
  • The adjustable stabilizers are easy to set
  • It has an excellent turning circle
  • It has good range and spread gears
  • It is one of the lightest weighted tractors at only 2500kg
  • The joystick offers you the ability to control the movement and speed with a single lever
  • It has reliable mechanical linkages
  • This tractor has an excellent loader that fits perfectly
  • It is one of the few tractors with a hydraulic leveler that can be turned on and off at any given time 
  • It has a five-year warranty


  • There are no front mudguards for those who like to keep the tractor neat
  • The hydraulic lacks a flow control and float position
  • There are fixed ball ends on the three-point linkage


The Kubota m9540 is one of the most efficient and stylish tractors with the best value for money. It maximizes its optimum performance on the farm and field.

Moreover, it proves to be very nimble but yet it is well suited for loading work and every farm-related activity. Now that you have known this, I hope you make the right choice.

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