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If you need to buy tractors and you don’t know which to purchase then you’re in the right place. Take the case of the Kubota and Kioti tractors.

As you might guess, both tractors are definitely at the top of everyone’s list of potential purchases. This is because they are well built, they have outstanding customer service and they are popular. However, which of these two tractors is the better one?

I found some appealing factors and benefits in both tractors that you may find useful. This will help you decide on the right one to purchase. Just keep reading to get the conclusion to help you decide on which tractor brand is the best.

About Kubota

With its headquarters in Osaka, Kubota is a Japanese tractor and heavy equipment manufacturer. Since its inception as a casting foundry in 1890, the company has expanded to include the production of tractors, agricultural tools and engines, construction equipment, and a variety of other goods.

A small number of Kubota tractors are produced in China, but most are made in Japan and the US. Some types, like the MU4501 (a tractor with 45 horsepower), are produced in India.

From Japan and the United States, many Kubota tractors are sent to Canada, Australia, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Japan. Concerning tractor sales and production, Kubota has achieved great success in the US. Gainesville, Georgia-based Kubota Manufacturing of America Corporation (“Kubota America”) was established in 1988.

About Kioti

kioti tractors

Kioti Tractors are produced by Daedong in South Korea and the US. Furthermore, it is considered one of the largest steel producers in the world. Daedong excels in the creation of tractors, construction machinery, hydraulic systems, gears, engines, and gearboxes. In North America and Europe, Daedong tractors are sold under the brand name Kioti Tractor.

In 1947, the Daedong Industrial Company, Ltd. was established in Daegu, South Korea. In 1993, Daedong USA was founded in the US as a producer and distributor of tractors, attachments, and utility terrain vehicles.

Daedong is a significant global supplier, providing products to businesses like Bobcat, Mahindra, McCormick, Cub Cadet, and numerous others. Daedong has been in business for more than 70 years and has sold tractors in the US for more than 30 years.

Kubota vs Kioti Features


Kubota: The Gross HP and PTO HP of the Kubota tractors are both 24.8. It has a 10-gallon fuel capacity and a displacement of 100.47 cubics. This D1073 engine is one of Kubota’s reliable and sturdy engines, which are well-known for their dependability.

In addition, the Kubota HP engine is a fuel-efficient engine that complies with all EPA Tier 4 Final emission rules and regulations. In terms of horsepower, Kubota engines slightly outperform KIOTI diesel engines with their four-gallon fuel capacity.

Kioti: Kioti tractors have engine power ranging from 19 to 110 horsepower. The KIOTI tractor will save energy and provide more power at lower RPMs. However, this is due to the natural aspiration and fuel capacity of 11.9 gallons. It’s worth noting that Kioti tractors design and build their engines. In essence, they are strong and dependable for long hours of work.

Therefore, when comparing the two engines, KIOTI wins because it uses less fuel and is environmentally friendly.


Kubota: The Kubota measures 106.3 x 55.1 x 91.7 inches in total. The vehicle’s turning radius is 8.2 feet, and its wheelbase is 63.3 inches. The Kubota weighs 2,623 pounds in total. You must admit that it is a large compact tractor.

Kioti: The Kioki tractor measures 120.9 x 55.1 x 99.2 inches. Additionally, it has a wheelbase of 6.7 inches, but compared to the Kubota, it has a smaller turning radius. The overall weight of the compact tractor is 2.701 pounds and it is 8.0 feet long.

The turning radius of both compact tractors is very close, at about eight feet, and they are of equal tractor width. The Kubota tractor has a slight height advantage over the Kioti. This is because it is simpler to park and works better for storage in the shed.

In both specifications, the Kioti beats the Kubota. The Kioti also has a longer frame, which is important in terms of stability. Compared to the Kubota, the Kioti has a longer wheelbase, providing greater stability, a smoother ride, and optimal performance.

Transmission and PTO

The two tractors have wet disc brakes, hydrostatic infinite speed three-range transmissions, and similar 540 PTO rpm. The high-torque vehicle will be easier to control thanks to the wet disc brakes’ excellent performance.

The highest effectiveness and performance are guaranteed by the infinite hydrostatic speed. Both the Kubota and Kioti transmissions are excellent, strong, and simple to operate. But the way the two tractors are operated in this case is the main distinction.

Kubota uses a single forward and aft rocker foot pedal for projects while the KIOTI tractor has two independent right and left pedals, one for forwarding movement and one for reverse.

Additionally, since the two tractors hardly differ from one another, you are free to select the superior choice. Choose KIOTI if you prefer two pedals and Kubota if you prefer an aft rocker foot pedal.

Hydraulic performance

The Kioti uses a much larger TC24 11.70 GPM pump, outperforming the Kubota L2501 tractor in terms of hydraulic performance. The Kubota tractor uses a standard T1150 8.18 GPM hydraulic pump.

Furthermore, the Kubota tractor’s lift capacity isn’t as advanced as the KIOTI’s 242-pound lifting capacity. Therefore, the KIOTI’s hydraulic system is more powerful than the three-point hitch on the Kubota.

Kioti also produces more hydraulic power and flow than the Kubota tractor with a sophisticated hydraulic system. The Kioti is the best option when it comes to hydraulic performance.

Safety system

While the Kubota tractors go a step further, the KIOTI model comes equipped with wet disk brakes, an adjustable seat belt, hydrostatic power steering, safety lighting, and headlights. The operator presence control feature is available on the Kubota models.

When the PTO is activated or the operator gets out of the driver’s seat, the mechanism will turn the engine off automatically on the Kubota tractor. Therefore, despite the dedication of the KIOTI, the Kubota model still prevails in terms of safety and security.

Ergonomics and comfort

Kubota: For its simple controls and open design, Kubota tractors are well-known. They are therefore simple to use and manage. Additionally, they will make the operator more comfortable. All farmers, landscapers, and other tractor drivers who spend a lot of time in their vehicles would benefit from the high-back seats with lumbar support.

The company also makes easy access to routine maintenance inspections available to its customers. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry too much about potential comfort difficulties.

Kioti: Additionally, Kioti stresses and dedicates comfort in their automobiles. The NX series is the most well-known model. The cabins are simple for the operators to enter, allowing for rapid and simple operation.


By keeping the cost of each tractor the same, you can get the combined costs for both models in the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. You can keep things from getting worse. Tractor dealers receive discounts off the MSRP, of course, and there may be efforts to restrain the specific dealer pricing for small tractors in a region or particular location.

Therefore, each base tractor without wheels appears to be pretty comparable based on the MSRP. The cost of the KIOTI model is $15.289, which is $1355.00 less than the price of the Kubota tractor, which is $16,644.00.

However, the Kioti tractor may be more expensive than the Kubota model after adding some equipment. This may cost an additional $3,075.00.

That equipment includes wheels, tires, and other basic tractor equipment, such as rear remote controls.

Customer service

Customers can always count on Kubota. Their customer service is favored for its prompt responses, comprehensive support, and widening dealer network. Compared to Kioti, Kubota has three times as many dealers.

The Kioti customer service is also outstanding. As they are always devoted to providing great customer service. They purposefully walk you through the procedure before, during, and following the transaction.

Additionally, even though they might not have as many dealers as Kubota, you will never be short on any essential details or other requirements when selecting the ideal tractor.


Kubota: Kubota and Kioti produce top-notch machinery. However, Kubota is renowned for its ease of use. The tractor is in flawless functioning order throughout to give you unmatched power and performance. Additionally, Kubota is renowned for making the strongest tractors and accessories in the market.

Kioti: Kioti is recognized for offering smoother rides and greater stability. Comparing products’ qualities is difficult. Any tractor is a good choice based only on the product’s quality. However, because Kubota is more well-known and frequently suggested, it might have a little advantage over Kioti.


Kubota and Kioti are impressive global tractor brands. However, choosing which tractor is the best solely depends on you. As has been noted, your preference regarding quality, engine, hydraulic system, and other factors will help you decide which is better.

Moreover, the Kioti tractor beats the Kubota in some factors like engine capacity, hydraulic system, etc. If these factors are what you seek in a tractor, you can go for the Kioti tractor.

However, the Kubota offers more security, it is price friendly and extremely popular. Please go through all the features and specifications before making your final purchase.

I hope you make the right decision!

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