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Do you want to buy a tractor? Are you unable to make a decision between which to choose between Kubota and Ls tractors? Keep reading to find which tractor is the better one.

There are two brands of tractors that stand out amongst other tractors. The Kubota and the LS tractors. One similar feature between them is that both brands have a long history of producing durable and reliable tractors.

But, there are key differences between them. They have their drawbacks and unique features. In this article, you’ll find the ultimate difference between both tractors. Furthermore, knowing this will help you figure out which is the better one for them.

Selecting the right tractor that meets your basic needs isn’t always about the cost. In the comparison of the Kubota vs LS tractor, You must consider the horsepower, engine type, weight, hydraulic system, etc.

History of the Kubota tractor

With its headquarters in Osaka, Kubota is a Japanese and popular tractor brand. Since its start as a casting foundry in 1890, the company has expanded to include the production of tractors and agricultural tools. They also produce engines, construction equipment, and a variety of other goods.

The versatility of Kubota tractors is one of their best features. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including farming and construction. They are also available in a variety of sizes, allowing you to find the ideal one for your requirements.

Kubota tractors are also known for their high quality. They are built to last and have several features that make them simple to use. Kubota tractors provide a more comfortable and efficient working environment as a result of these features.

The ergonomic design of these tractors helps to reduce operator fatigue. Their steering wheel can be adjusted to find the most comfortable working position for you. This prevents your hands from becoming sore after prolonged use.

History of the LS tractor

blue ls tractor

LS Matron, a leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment, created the ls tractor. It was founded in 1955 and the headquarter is located in South Area. The LS has a variety of features that make it ideal for a wide range of tasks such as mowing, plowing, tilling, and harvesting. The ls Tractor is an excellent choice if you want a tractor that is both versatile and affordable.

It’s ideal for both small and large tasks and is one of the most-priced tractors on the market. The LS Tractor has a small engine that can handle even the most difficult tasks. It also comes with a variety of attachments that can be used for everything from plowing flowers to mowing lawns.

One of the best aspects of the ls tractor is its low price. It’s one of the most affordable tractors on the market, and it comes with a solid warranty. The ls is also simple to use, making it ideal for new farmers. Besides, it is also easy for those starting in the agricultural industry.

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Kubota vs LS tractor: Pros and cons

Kubota Pros

  • They are reliable
  • They are durable
  • They perform various activities
  • They are easy to operate
  • They are easy to maintain
  • They have an excellent fuel economy
  • The seats provide the most comfort

Kubota Cons

  • The parts are difficult to find
  • It has a limited service network

LS Tractor Pros

  • It is affordable
  • It is durable
  • It is small but it can handle a lot of work
  • It can last for many years
  • It is a versatile tractor and it can be used to carry out different tasks

LS Tractor Cons

  • The parts are not accessible
  • The engines are small
  • They frequent fueling

The Battle of Features: Kubota vs LS


LS Tractor employs its engines, the LS Matron L3C19 and L4C25 engines. Some of its models use the Myanmar and Mitsubishi engines. The LS provides an engine with horsepower ranging from 21.5 to 100.6 HP.

Kubota also uses its engine series in the production of all its tractors. Cummins engines are used in some Kubota tractors. In the case of engine power, the Kubota engine has an advantage over the LS engine. It provides engines with horsepower ranging from 16.6 to 200HP.


The Ls tractor offers a warranty of 2 to 6 years on its tractors. The warranty is usually limited to the number of hours the tractor is in use. Furthermore, it offers an extra warranty on the tractor’s powertrain.

Kubota offers a warranty of 2 to 6 years on its tractors. Besides, the warranty is limited to the number of hours used during the warranty period.


The Kubota tractor is typically more powerful than the LS tractor. As mentioned before, the LS tractor is a small tractor with a small engine. The Kubota tractor is bigger and it can be used to carry out heavyweight duties.

Tire type and ground clearance

Kubota tires are wider, which allows them to come closer to the ground when properly inflated. It reduces stress on the rims and allows heavier loads to be moved with ease. In order words, The Kubota tractors can easily drive over half-logs or large stumps without buckling them.

The tires of the LS tractors are only 8mm wide on average causing them to buckle when passing over large stumps. This is especially true when towing a wagon or any other tool. In terms of ground clearance and tire type, the Kubota is superior.

Three-point hitch (TPH)

The Kubota tractor features a larger three-point hitch with a better design. But, the LS tractor has a small three-point hitch. This allows larger loads to be lifted with difficulty. The Kubota tractor can be useful when removing logs from the field.


The Kubota tractors are very reliable. The diesel engine takes first place in every comparison. It has a good design and most users have given good reviews on the tractor’s performance. In any case, the ever-growing line of production can stand as proof of the tractor’s reliability.

The LS tractor has also gotten a lot of positive reviews from users. Even so, before purchasing an LS tractor, make sure there’s a dealer in your area. This is because the LS tractor can become a liability after some time of use.

PTO power

The Kubota tractor has a higher engine with a PTO power that ranges from 13.7 to 159 PTO HP. Whereas, the LS tractor has a low PTO power that ranges from 15 to 85.5 PTO HP.


When it comes to price, the Kubota tractor has a relatively high cost. The tractors manufactured by Kubota have a price that ranges from $11,677 to $177,259.

Meanwhile, the price of the LS tractor is lower than that of the Kubota. It has a prize range of $10,099 to $57,496.

Transmission system

Kubota uses a single forward and aft rocker foot pedal for projects and it cannot be manually adjusted. Whereas, the LS tractor can be manually adjusted with or without the hydraulics.

This may not make any significant difference in the field. But, the Kubota is still superior. It increases productivity on the field and also allows you to remain in control.


The Kubota and LS tractors have an angled hitch that allows users to attach any type of hitch from the market. But, the blade attachments are different.

The price of a typical Kubota blade attachment ranges from $1700 – $2000. While the price of a blade attachment for the LS tractor ranges from $1050 – $1500.

Also, the price of a Kubota standard 3PH equipment ranges from $500 – $700. Whereas you can get standard 3PH equipment for the LS tractor at the price of $400.

Weight and Length

Most Kubota tractors weigh around 4000 Ibs while a typical LS tractor usually weighs 1500 Ibs. The weight of the Kubota tractor is due to its use of larger components.

It also includes the design, tires, and size. The length of the Kubota tractor is 2” longer than the LS tractor. This measurement is gotten from the front of the engine to the back of the hitch.

Kubota vs LS tractor specifications

EngineKubota and CumminsMyanmar, Mitsubishi, and LS Matron (L4C25 and L3C19)
Engine HP16.6 to 200HP21.5 to 100.6HP
PTO HP13.7 to 159HP15 to 85.5HP
Warranty2-6 years2-6years
Price$11,677 to $1,77,259$10,099 to $57,496
Product lineUtility, compact, and subcompactUtility, compact, and subcompact


This article has pointed out all you need to know about both tractors. Now that you have known this, it’s time to make your decision. Moreover, from the comparison, the Kubota tractors are better than the LS tractors. Yet, if you want a small and budget-friendly tractor, you can buy the LS tractor.

But, if you need a powerful, reliable, and durable tractor, the Kubota tractor is definitely what you need. Also, It’s important to go through the features and consider all the factors of a tractor before making a buying decision. I hope you make the right choice.

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