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Massey Ferguson is a global brand with a large production footprint. Also, the Massey Ferguson (MF) tractor is one of the most successful and longest-running brands of farm tractors, bar none.

Furthermore, it’s been around since 1894, having started as a one-cylinder and lightweight model. Gradually, it became bigger, heavier, and more powerful.

Massey Ferguson tractors are found in many farm fields across the globe. Besides, it is one of the most successful brands of tractors.

But, don’t you want to know where to find the dealer closest to you? As you read through, you’ll find a detailed explanation of the major areas of production including the company’s origin. Let’s dive in!

History Of The Massey Ferguson Tractors

Massey Ferguson has its roots in Clarington, Ontario, where Daniel Massey founded Newcastle Foundry and Machine Manufactory in 1847. It was renamed Massey Manufacturing Company. The company was best known for producing some of the world’s first mechanical threshers. In addition, it expanded its sales throughout Canada and the world.

Therefore, the company grew to become one of the largest local employers in the Toronto area. Massey Manufacturing merged with A. Harris, Son and Company in 1891 to form Massey-Harris Limited.

Moreover, it became one of the world’s largest farm equipment manufacturers. Threshers and reapers, as well as safety bicycles, were added to the company’s product line.

Massey-Harris made its first international acquisition in 1910 when it purchased Johnston Harvester Company, AGCO Corporation, a publicly traded farm equipment manufacturer with over $9 billion in sales.

AGCO is headquartered in Duluth, Georgia, and it has operations around the world. Fendt, Challenger, GSI, Massey Ferguson, and Valtra are the five core brands sold by AGCO.

AGCO is a Massey Ferguson tractor manufacturer. They continue to be a top seller all over the world. Equally, this manufacturer provides a wide range of farm tractors to meet the needs of its customers.

Massey Ferguson tractors are all equipped with innovative and progressive features such as heavy hydraulic lifting capacity that can easily lift heavy implements and large fuel tank capacity.

AGCO products are available in more than 140 countries through 3,150 independent dealers and distributors. When the company changed its name to Massey Ferguson in 1958, it completely revamped its logo and branding. Previously, the branding included a red circle with the letters MH for Massey-Harris.

The Massey Ferguson Tractor brand is the world’s second-largest tractor and farm Equipment Company as well as the most popular. It’s well-known for its tractor Engine Power, mileage, and other characteristics.

Massey Ferguson Tractor offers a wide range of farm tractors and implements. Massey tractors have excellent field mileage and a unique electronic top link control system.

Massey Ferguson offers highly technologically advanced tractors with improved tractor specifications at extremely low and cost-effective tractor prices. Because of this, it is very popular in most countries. It works for the development of farmers and provides them with first-rate customer service through a 24-hour MF service center.

Where Are Massey Ferguson Tractors Made?

As aforementioned above, Massey Ferguson’s product line has grown over the years to include high-horsepower tractors,  combine harvesters, combine headers, square and round balers, planters, loaders, grounds care mowers, and other items.

Massey Ferguson Tractors

AGCO has spent years integrating Massey Ferguson production and supply chain procurement with its other brands to reduce manufacturing costs and increase synergies. Several AGCO factories share resources.

Massey Ferguson now has eight global manufacturing facilities, including one in China. They have expanded to several nations around the globe and these major areas of products include;

Changzhou, China: The Changzhou facility was opened in 2015 and it manufactures tractors for the Asia-Pacific region. The Changzhou facility employs approximately 1,000 people.

Mogi das Cruze, Brazil: The Mogi das Cruze facility manufactures tractors, engines, generators, sugar cane harvesters, and sprayers. At this location, Massey Ferguson also has an Emissions Control Laboratory. Furthermore, the Mogi das Cruzes facility employs approximately 750 people.

Santa Rosa, Brazil: This facility was founded in 1975. Santa Rosa manufactures combine harvesters for the Latin American market. The Santa Rosa facility employs approximately 400 people.

Canoas, Brazil: The largest tractor factory in Latin America, Canoas produces more than half of all tractors in Brazil. The Canoas facility employs approximately 1,170 people.

Ibirubá, Brazil: The planter and implement manufacturing facility. There are approximately 230 employees.

Hesston, Kansas, USA: Hesston has been inventing the big baler concept since 1970. It manufactures balers, hay, and forage types of equipment. Without a doubt, the plant has 13 different production lines that manufacture a wide range of machines. Also, the Hesston facility employs approximately 1,100 people.

Beauvais, France: Massey Ferguson’s most modern tractor facility is located in Beauvais. It exports 85% of its output to countries all over the world. The Beauvais facility employs approximately 2,300 people.

Breganze, Italy: For over 60 years, the Gold Harvesting Competence Center in Breganze has manufactured Combine Harvesters. Its manufacturing footprint is shared with Fendt combines and Laverda. The Breganze facility employs approximately 700 people.

Massey Ferguson tractor offers a wide range of farm implements that are high in quality and feature-rich. Massey Ferguson offers world-class tractor models with horsepower ranging from 25 to 75 horsepower around the globe.

It has a reasonable price range. Following this, the tractor always comes with the most recent and advanced Massey Ferguson tractor models at a reasonable tractor price.


What do you think now that you’ve read everything there is to know about where Massey Ferguson tractors are made? Now you know this, Is it a good choice for you? Finally, Massey Ferguson is an old but gold choice for tractor operators.

You must never overlook a true classic that provides tractors for any farming job. Their equipment has enough power and a powerful engine that boosts speed to new heights.

Any tractor from this brand offers tremendous technological advancement and reasonable prices for exceptional craftsmanship. All of the attachments are simple to install on the PTO shaft and will perform a variety of tasks on the field.

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