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Chocolate is a popular treat among humans. However, it’s normal to be skeptical about feeding it to your animals, especially if you know that it’s poisonous to some of them. Luckily, the food isn’t toxic for your pigs.

While the food isn’t toxic for your pigs, it contains high sugar. If you’re familiar with pigs dieting, high sugar content is dangerous for them. Nonetheless, you can still give your pigs chocolate in a way that will benefit them.

This article will clear your doubts about feeding chocolate to your pigs. You’ll learn how to give them and the numerous benefits that the food holds for them.

A Brief Look Into a Pig’s Diet

Pigs can eat almost everything because their digestive system can cope with it. They have a powerful digestive system that utilizes valuable food nutrients and filters out invaluable ones. Also, they need a combination of many nutrients to ensure they remain in perfect health.

They get these nutrients while munching around in the wild. Therefore, you’ll have to be able to feed them meals that can complement their extensive nutrient requirements if you keep them as a pet. Luckily, it isn’t difficult to compile a beneficial pig’s diet.

Grains should take up a significant part of your pigs’ diet. They particularly fancy corn and soybeans. Corn is a decent source of energy for them, while soybeans provide them with much-needed protein. They also enjoy occasional treats like chocolates or grapes.

Is Chocolate Safe For Pigs?

Chocolates are one of the most widely consumed sweets in the world. It’s produced globally and made from cocoa.

The extensive production process leaves behind by-products deemed unfit for human consumption. Producers channel these by-products into the animal feeds market explaining why it’s popular among pig breeders.

Pigs can eat chocolates and have become popular consumers of chocolate not only because they like it but because they are one of the animals that the food benefits.

Chocolate contains theobromine which is poisonous for many animals but safe for pigs. However, you should note that feeding them the correct way is vital to how their body will react to the meal. Pigs can consume almost anything that humans can. This reason is that their gastrointestinal system is similar to humans.

Although they have a similar digestive system to humans, some human foods are toxic to them. It’s best not to feed them just any human food unless you’ve confirmed its healthiness for your animal. Pigs will eat just almost anything because they mostly can’t discern whether it’s healthy for them or not.

Can Piglets Eat Chocolate?

Piglets can eat chocolate as well. It’s equally as healthy for them as an adult pig. It’s essential to note that you should feed them a lower ration than you would an adult pig.

Their system isn’t fully developed yet, so they might not be able to metabolize theobromine as an adult pig would.

How Should You Feed Your Pigs Chocolate?

Moderation is synonymous with how to feed your pigs chocolate, but how much is moderation? Moderation, in this case, means around 30% of their overall diet. Having an organized diet plan will help.

It’s essential to monitor the rate at which you’re giving the animal chocolate in proportion to its diet. You should cut down the 30% mark if you feel that your animal is reacting negatively to the meal, which is unlikely.

It’s best to monitor your pig anytime they’re having a chocolate meal. Advisably, you shouldn’t give them a large amount at a time. When you overfeed your animal the food, they might accidentally overeat it, which can cause chocolate toxicity.

If you want to introduce chocolate to your adult pigs, you should give them a considerably smaller amount than recommended. Giving them a lower portion will enable you to observe their body’s reaction. If it’s positive, continue and if it isn’t, then stop it immediately.

Advantages of Giving your Pigs Chocolates

Knowing the advantages of a particular food can help you feed it to your pigs. You’ll be able to understand when to double up the ratio or when to increase it based on the nutrient composition. Chocolate, made from cocoa, has many nutrients like vitamin B6, protein, calcium, potassium, magnesium, etc.

It’s a good source of energy and can also help improve your animal’s psychological development.

As much as excess sugar is dangerous for pigs, feeding them the right amount can help stimulate the growth of the carcass. Chocolate is also good food for boosting the immune system of your animal. The presence of antioxidants, vitamins, and other nutrients helps develop resistance to germs and diseases.

Chocolate isn’t only essential to adult pigs; it also helps your piglets ensure that they develop healthily. Feeding your piglets chocolate in the right proportion can help them through their weaning stage. Chocolates may also improve growth in your animal thanks to their high sugar content.

Disadvantages of Giving Your Pigs Chocolates

As there are benefits, there are also some risks to feeding your pigs chocolate. These risks include excessive weight gain, stunted growth rate, and addiction.

However, most of these risks only occur if you overfeed them the food. Your pigs should be okay if you stay within the feeding recommendations.

Which other Treats can you Feed your Pigs?

If you want to spice up your pig’s diet by feeding them other treats, there are many other snacks you can give them. Most of the most common treats for pigs are fruits and vegetables. The reason is that they have controllable sugar content.

Although your pigs will eat most human snacks, you shouldn’t feed them to them as they mostly contain high sugar.

Pigs love grapes and will eat almost all parts of the grapes happily. Grapes also have helpful nutrients like vitamins and fiber for your pigs.

Pigs can also snack on other fruits and vegetables like cabbage, cucumber, broccoli, apples, orange, pears, etc. However, only feed them these fruits in moderation because too much of them can harm your pig.


Chocolates can benefit your pigs if you feed them correctly. On the other hand, it can also harm them if you give them wrongly. Although you should only give it to your swine as a treat, it should be something like a compulsory treat.

Chocolate contains supplements that are very beneficial to your pigs. Although they can survive fine on a good diet if you don’t feed them chocolates, they will be healthier if you can include it in their diet.

Lastly, it’s best to involve a vegetarian in your animal’s dieting. A vegetarian will examine the animal and ascertain if they are on a healthy diet or if it should tweak things up. During these routine examinations, they can discover certain illnesses and help you care for your animal early.

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