Farminly was established about two years ago to solve problems in the farming industry.

Why should you start a homestead?

Homesteading allows you to produce your own food, and fulfill other basic needs, reducing reliance on external resources.

By producing your own food and energy, you can significantly reduce your grocery and utility bills over time. Living on a homestead often means being surrounded by nature, fostering a deeper appreciation for the environment and a more sustainable lifestyle.

Homesteading requires acquiring diverse skills such as gardening and animal husbandry, which not only contribute to personal growth but also enhance resilience in times of economic uncertainty. While it demands dedication and hard work, the rewards of a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle can be immensely fulfilling.

A homestead can mean different things to different people

Creating a thriving homestead involves more than just raising livestock and maintaining tractors. It’s about sustainable practices and efficient management. Start by planning your layout to optimize space and resources. Invest in high-quality equipment and tools tailored to your needs.

  • Plan layout for efficiency
  • Decide the type of homestead you want
  • Invest in quality equipment

We are experts in homesteading

Gbenga holding a young sheep
Gbenga Abioye
Tanya Kiger
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Nicole Williams