A tractor is the most used and versatile machinery in the agricultural sector. This farm implement could function in addition to a tiller, aerator, cultivator, disc harrow, pallet fork, and many other attachments to get specific work done. Furthermore, it is the machine of choice and best for pulling, moving, hauling, plowing, or tilling soil or land.

Yet this equipment has a peculiarity—it costs a lot and, for most farmers, is an investment. One major brand of farm tractor that especially delivers to a certain extent is the John Deere tractor brand.

These tractors have solid motors and are built with larger back wheels than front wheels. This design allows the machinery to generate its most torque power at low speeds. Furthermore, farmers can use them for snow removal besides their primary use on farms for towing machinery and trailers.

This article will cover details on the most expensive John Deere tractor, its components, and features that account for its high price.

The Most Expensive John Deere Tractor

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 In the agricultural sector, John Deere is a prominent brand name known for delivering farm implements that are of excellent quality and are highly useful to farmers. According to research, John Deere’s 9620RX is the John Deere brand’s most expensive tractor, costing $548,000.

They create high-end, capable vehicles that can travel over any surface. The Cummins QSX15 engine in this specific model has a total displacement of 1490CC and 620 HP.

Furthermore, this tractor features a Command View III cab, which offers the driver total comfort and visibility. Additionally, controls are automatic, and a three-point hitch and a Command Center make this machine simple to operate.

John Deere 9620RX Specs and Features

John deere 9620RX

Many agricultural professionals use this equipment because it has many advantages over several rivals. Many features on the John Deere 9620RX are exclusive to this particular class of crawler tractors, which include 30-inch tracks and high hydraulic flow rates. Three categories of features are of high interest to farmers:

  • Engine & Hydraulics
  • Functionality
  • Comfort

The horsepower rating of a tractor determines how powerful it is. This feature ensures that several tasks can get carried out. Furthermore, high horsepower in tractors helps to guarantee that your tractor can perform the jobs you intend to use it for.

The John Deere 9620RX has the following features:

14.9-Liter, Six-Cylinder Cummins QSX15

A massive 14.9-liter, six-cylinder Cummins QSX15 engine with a variable geometry turbo produces a whopping 670 horsepower at full boost and gets rated to produce 620 horsepower.

It’s impressive that this engine uses exhaust gas recirculation, a diesel particulate filter, and AdBlue to achieve Tier 4 final emission standards. The enormous 1500-liter fuel tank has filling points on either side to simplify life.

Furthermore, the 83-liter AdBlue tank keeps the engine running. Given its power and production, it can take on even the most challenging fieldwork.

Engine With 620 HP

The engine of the 9620RX can produce up to 670 horsepower when ultimately boosted. This spec is among the highest horsepower ratings in the John Deere 4WD and Track Tractor Lineup. 

Consequently, this feature makes it one of the most potent tractors in the lineup of 4WD and track tractors from John Deere.

Fourth-tier Final Emissions Standards Rated

Additionally, it complies with Tier 4 final emission requirements. This machine feature reduces the machine’s environmental effect. Furthermore, the tractor uses a diesel particulate filter to exhaust gas recirculation.


The machine has a large-capacity pump with a total output of 435 liters per minute. The hydraulic flow rates are quite high, and each set of the conventional five remotes can produce 160 liters per minute, even with an option for up to eight sets.

In addition, the rear three-point linkage has a lift capacity of more than nine tonnes and features a heavy-duty fast frame with CAT 4 pins. It also has a rear PTO as an option, which is a little unusual for a tractor of this size.

JD 9620RX tractor

John Deere has a long history of producing articulated vehicles with high horsepower. Some of its peculiar functionality features include:

E18 PowerShift Transmission

The 9620RX’s E18 PowerShift transmission makes it simple to shift forward and backward. The 18 forward and six reverse gears provide tremendous power and control on this complete power shift.

Easy Maneuverability With 30-Inch Articulated Tracks

The design of this tracked range also gets considered. It has a drive sprocket with a diameter of more than a meter, which allows for greater contact with the track lugs to guarantee drive in all conditions.

Furthermore, the tractor can operate on various terrain with its 30-inch articulated tracks. This machine is easy to maneuver, whether users work in mud or through the snow. Users no longer have to worry about this while working outside, which is a plus.

Obstacle-Climbing Tracks With Ease

The machine travels on 30-inch Camoplast tracks, which is not bad for a massive 28-tonne machine. However, despite having wide tracks and enormous weight, the tractor only applies 7psi of ground pressure. This feature means that it has benefits over wheeled tractors in every terrain because it can go over rocky, steep terrain and soft ground.

To reduce vibration and provide a smoother ride, only two mid-rollers often get used. The idlers are also higher than the mid-rollers to prevent scuffing and to give them more room to climb over obstacles.

Comfort is crucial because it impacts how you use this machine. The operator’s convenience is a crucial consideration in the design of this tractor.

interior of 9620RX tractor

Standard CommandView III Cab

The tractor comes standard with the CommandView III cab for the operator’s comfort. The cab is quiet while also offering plenty of visibility. It also boasts air conditioning for comfort and spring-loaded shock absorbers on each cab corner for a smooth ride.

Furthermore, it features four-post cab suspension on spring-loaded shock absorbers on each corner. This feature is crucial since it gives the operator a smooth ride—something tracked machines often struggle with.

Additionally, the controls are easy to use and laid out, with everything on the right-hand command arm and armrest. They are the same for any machine in the 6R range and higher.

You have access to electronic spools, PTO controls, and linkage controls. Also, the operator can tailor the machine’s functioning easily and in tune with the task at hand. The touchscreen Command Centre display is what makes this feature possible for farmers.


The John Deere’s 9620RX, the most expensive John Deere tractor, is a model that improves a farmer’s performance and completes all the jobs without consuming much energy.

Now that you know this, if you’re considering getting a new tractor that gives you all the boost you need, this model comes in handy.

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