Black And White Pig Breeds: A Comprehensive Review

Pigs of many different sizes, shapes, and colors are bred worldwide, including various black and white pig breeds.

These common yet varied breeds are used for different purposes, including food production, as pets, and even as show animals in specific competitions. Each breed has unique traits, giving them individual and iconic personalities.

Top 14 Black and White Pig Breeds

These are the top black pigs with white stripe breeds in 2023 for pig farmers and lovers.

1.  Saddleback

Saddleback pig eating

Saddleback breeds are identifiable by the mark of color on the middle of their backs, which is why they were given the name “Saddleback.” Generally speaking, the sides, legs, and shoulders of Saddleback pigs are generally black, with a white stripe of fur going down their spine, from the top of their head to the tip of their tail.

2. Gloucester Old Spot

Gloucester Old Spot

The Gloucester Old Spot breed of pig is primarily white with sparse, medium-sized black spots. This breed is particularly praised for its plumpness and ample back fat, making it an ideal choice for more richly flavored pork products. This breed is sometimes also referred to as the “Coloured Spot.”

3.  Essex and Tamworth

Tamworth and Essex pigs

The Essex pig is an ancient breed of primarily white, but with black coloring on the top of its head, around its eyes and nose, and often with black spotting on its sides. On the other hand, the Tamworth pig is entirely reddish-brown and is often referred to as the “Golden Pig.” This breed is prized for its excellent foraging abilities and its generally docile nature.

4. American Yorkshire

American Yorkshire

The American Yorkshire pig, somewhat surprisingly considering its name, is primarily black but with notable white stripes or patches on its head, chest, and sometimes legs. This breed is extremely popular among farmers, as it is one of the most fertile pig breeds, and its genetic makeup makes it adaptable to different environments.

5. Berkshire

small berkshire pig

The Berkshire pig is a large, black pig with white on its feet, face, and tail. These pigs are particularly well-known for their incredible taste and quality pork products, as well as their intelligence, obedience, and adaptability. This breed was originally developed in England but has now found its way to countries worldwide.

6. Hereford Breed

The Hereford breed of pig is characterized by its black-and-white coloring, white fur on its head, neck, chest, and legs, and black fur on its back, sides, and haunches. These pigs are smaller than most other breeds and are known for their hardiness and efficiency in converting feed into meat.

7.  English Spot Pig

spot pig

The English Spot Pig is a color-variant of the Large Black and is recognized by white or pale patches on its head, shoulders, and rump. It has a long body with long ears and legs. Despite its popularity, this breed is now under threat of extinction.

English Spot Pigs, also known as English Spotted Pigs or Spotted Pigs, have been around since the Roman Empire. They originate from the British Isles and are among the most popular domestic pig breeds. English spot pigs have a unique, spotted coat of hair, making them desirable within the farming industry.

8. Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pigs

Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pigs are a unique breed commonly found in the United States. Unique among pigs, they are small, with distinctive black and white coloring. They are also known for being clever, sociable, and great family pets.

9.  Angeln Saddleback

Angeln saddleback pig grazing

Angeln Saddleback, also known as Angler Sattelschwein, is a rare domestic pig from Germany. This breed has a black coat with a white belt around the body at the forefeet. It is Ideal for outdoor management and a large pig farming system. Despite being rejected for their fatty meat, the sows are highly fertile and well-known for their milk-producing abilities.

10. Ba Xuyen

Ba Xuyen is a domestic swine breed with striking black and white markings. A white coat with black spots is a pleasing sight. This breed is thought to be a cross between French and Chinese swine from Craonnais or Bo Xu composites.

11. Bazna

Bazna is also known as Basner, Porcul de Banat, and Romanian Saddleback. The breed is well-known for its distinctive white belt around the black body and its ability to adapt to any environment.

Bazna pigs have a medium withers height, a body structure that promotes fat meat production, a slightly concave profile, ears that are horizontally placed, and a short, wide neck.

12. Oxford Sandy and black

oxford sandy and black

The Oxford Sandy and Black pig developed over 300 years ago in Oxfordshire. The pig is particularly attractive, with white skin and black patches across its body, and it stands out among the other British native breeds. Meat from the Oxford Sandy and Black produces a strong flavor and is frequently used in bacon, ham, and pork products. Rare breed associations now shelter the breed.

13. Aksai Black pied

Its distinctive black and white pattern distinguishes Aksai Black Pied. Uneven black and white patches all over the body give this black-and-white pig breed a distinct appearance. It has a stocky build, a large muzzle, and a twisted tail.

The breed originated in Kasalenki state and was first developed as a meat production pig in 1952 on exploratory and training farms. Crossing with Landrace boars, North Caucasians, and Large White pigs improved the breed. In addition, it is a multipurpose breed to support commercial pig meat production.

14. Cinta Senese

cinta senese

This domestic pig breed from Italy is distinguished by its glossy black skin with contrasting white bands. The ‘Cinta’ around the neck has become a distinguishing feature of this swine breed. Cinghiatura is the distinctive white stripe around the dark coat’s withers, shoulders, and forelegs.

The breed is from the province of Siena in Tuscany, central Italy, and easily adapts to Tuscany lands. This breed was nearly extinct because of the increasing popularity of more productive and prolific breeds after WWII. Despite an upward trend in recent years, the sample size remains low.

Black Pig with White Stripe: Differences

Pigs are incredibly intelligent animals with various breeds ranging from black to white. These animals have been used for centuries for their meat and intelligence. We’ll discuss the differences between the two types of breeds, black and white pig breeds.

The most recognizable black pig breed is the Duroc. These animals are large and rugged, with muscular bodies and long, drooping ears. Their high-fat content makes them incredibly sought after for their bacon and ham. Additionally, they’re incredibly intelligent, making them great pets.

Meanwhile, the most recognizable white pig breed is the Hampshire. They have a strong, curved back and are known for their fast growth rate. The abundance of meat on their bodies makes them the perfect meat pig, and their mild temper makes them great pets.

Black pig breeds tend to be larger with higher fat content, giving their meat a richer flavor. This makes them the ideal choice for use in bacon and ham. Their drooping ears and muscular bodies are also great for bacon, as it stops the fat from running off the sides of the animal.

On the other hand, white pig breeds tend to be smaller and have less fat than their black counterparts. This makes them great for lean cuts such as pork chops, but their meat has a milder flavor than other types of pigs. They’re also known for their fast growth rate, making them a great meat source in a shorter time.

Another difference between these two breeds is their temperaments. Black pigs are known to be more docile and laid back, while white pigs are more energetic and active. This can make a huge difference when caring for and being around them, so it’s essential to consider this when deciding which pig breed is right for you.

Overall, black pigs with white stripe breeds may look different but share many similarities. They both make excellent meat choices and can be kept as pets. It all boils down to the owner’s needs and what type of pig would best suit their lifestyle and interests. No matter what breed of pig you choose, you’ll be sure to enjoy its amazing intelligence and flavor.


The black pig with white stripe breeds world is as varied and diverse as the animals. Each breed of black and white pig has unique characteristics that make them ideal for whichever use – as food producers show animals, and even as pet companions – they are bred for.

Also, black and white pig breeds come in all shapes, sizes, and temperaments. From the docile Large Black to the clever Vietnamese Pot-Bellied, these animals are sure to captivate the hearts of those who meet them with their uniqueness and charm.

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