Can Pigs Eat Sweet Potatoes? Like humans, Pigs are classified as omnivore animals because they feed on animal meat and plants.

Due to this fact, pigs are one of the cost-effective mammals to raise at home, as they don’t seek a special diet. As far as you can provide good plants and animal meat, they will be okay.

Now, straight to the question.

Can pigs eat sweet potatoes?

Yes, Pigs can eat sweet potatoes, but the potatoes must be cooked or fried. Fresh sweet potatoes tend to give them stomach problems when consumed at their raw stage. Also, ensure you serve them healthy potatoes.

According to Healthline, a cup (100 grams) of raw sweet potato with skin contains the following nutrients:

  • Protein: 1.6 grams
  • Carbs: 20.1 grams
  • Fiber: 3 grams
  • Fat: 0.1 grams
  • Calories: 86
  • Water: 77%
  • Sugar: 4.2 grams

Apart from sweet potato being a fiber food that aids and improves digestion in swine, it also contains a high amount of crabs, thereby serving as an energy-giving food.

Second, sweet potatoes are one of the cheapest tubers to get, especially in countries where it is planted. So it is highly economical to feed pigs on sweet potatoes, and you can use it as an alternative for corn and other plant feeds.

For your pigs to benefit effectively from the nutrients packed in sweet potatoes, they must be cooked.

fresh sweet potatoes

Can pigs eat raw sweet potatoes?

Yes, pigs can eat raw sweet potatoes. Like other species of potatoes, cooking them before serving them is highly advised.

Raw sweet potatoes contain oxalate, which can harm pigs in large amounts. This compound can affect the absorption of certain minerals in the body leading to deficiencies. Symptoms of unstable health can include lack of appetite, weight loss, or even diarrhea.

Therefore, it’s safer to feed pigs cooked sweet potatoes. Cooking helps to reduce the level of oxalates, making them safer to consume. Boiling, baking, or roasting are the best methods to prepare sweet potatoes for your pigs.

These methods reduce the oxalates and make the sweet potatoes easier for the pigs to digest. Moreover, the natural sugars found in sweet potatoes, when cooked, make it a delicious treat for them.

Also, gradually introduce new food to your pig’s diet. This gives their digestive system time to adjust. Remember to avoid overfeeding sweet potatoes; as with any food, moderation is key. Too much of anything can lead to obesity and other health issues.

Can mini-pigs eat sweet potatoes?

Pet pigs, called mini pigs, have similar bodily functions to farm hogs. Like other pugs, pet pigs can consume sweet potatoes.

However, due to their small size, they only feed on a small number of potatoes. Like hogs, pet pigs have a small digestive system, which equates to more minor nutrition requirements.

This is why they consume only a small quantity of sweet potatoes. Please note that the starch components in sweet potatoes are good for them, but too much of it can be dangerous.

pigs eating solid food

Can potbelly pigs eat sweet potatoes?

Potbelly pigs are not mostly raised for their meats. As such, most pig owners tend not to overfeed them. The potbelly pigs eat sweet potatoes in small quantities like the mini pigs.

Unlike hogs, potbellies are kind of selective in what they eat. They only feed on some particular type of vegetable, which sweet potatoes make a list of.  

Can pigs eat potato peelings?

Pigs are known as great eaters. This means that they can practically eat everything they come across. Your pigs can eat potato peels, but as I always say, ensure it is boiled or cooked well before you serve them with it to avoid stomach complications.

Potato peels contain solanine, which can harm pigs if consumed in large amounts, especially if the potatoes are green or sprouting. Boiling or cooking the peels can help reduce the levels of solanine. Also, remember to offer your pigs variety and not rely on potato peels as a staple of their diet.

Always couple it with other pig-friendly foods and ensure they are getting a balanced and nutritious diet. Lastly, ensure the peels are clean and free from pesticides or chemical residue.

Other foods pigs love to consume

As great eaters, they eat everything, but they have their unique delicacies. So below are the base treats for pigs. They are:

  • Cooked broccoli
  • Cucumbers
  • Cabbage
  • Beets
  • Celery
  • Pitted Apricots & Peaches
  • Oranges
  • Cherries
  • Apples
  • Spinach
  • Different types of berries
  • Pears
  • Kale
  • Carrots

For a significant energy boost, feed your pigs food like

  • Cereal grains,
  • White or yellow corn
  • Sorghum
  • Rice
  • Wheat
  • Barley

While for protein, the best diets to feed your pigs are:

  • Alfalfa flour and corn gluten
  • Fish
  • Meat
  • Bone
  • Blood meals
  • Oilseed pastes such as sunflower, soy, cotton, and safflower
  • Kitchen waste such as soybeans, peanuts, and potatoes.

Always mix vitamins and minerals into their diet to perfect it. Food like plantain (green, ripe, or in the form of flour) can be fed to pigs throughout their lifetime without any form restrictions due to their great benefits.

Please note that these are not all. They are still a couple of food that makes up this list. As a pig owner, be observant of what your pigs feed on, and pick out the ones they love most and include them in your list.


Pigs are great mammals and one of the cost-effective animals you can raise at home.

Their great eating habits make them omnivorous, just like humans, and sweet potatoes are one of the best diets to feed them. Whys don’t you give it a try today?


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