Goats are lively, enjoyable animals to raise and breed. They even help maintain your lawn. Rearing goats can be a pain and comes with its hassle. Unfortunately, goats getting stuck in fences happens to be an inevitable hassle.

Goats are wily, mischievous, and curious creatures. A lot of goat breeds are not shy about testing a fence. They’ll push on it, knock the staples out, and they might even break it apart for some fence types, eventually getting them stuck in the fence.

It is not always out of malicious intent. Sometimes they are just aggressively scratching themselves on the fence. They can be itchy animals, especially with insects and other critters that can get into their coat. Goats seemly believe that the grass outside their fence is greener pasture. Coupled with their curious nature and hungry stomachs, they stick their heads through the fence to taste the greener pasture and get stuck.

This is more prevalent across a certain age when the goat’s horns are too big to fit through the fence. The goat sticks its head out through the fence and finds it almost impossible to get out because of its horns.

How to Keep Goats from Getting Stuck in Fence

There are various available methods to help prevent goats from getting their head stuck in a fence. It’s necessary to start by going for the right kind of fencing for your goats.

Identify why your goats get stuck, as this will help in choosing the right method to help curb the menace. Also, pay attention to the goats’ behaviors and personalities.

1. Mow Around Their Fencing

man mowing grass

On the other side, the saying the grass is greener was made specifically for goats. Goats love eating grasses and weeds; the grass outside their fences always appears greener and tastier. This is precisely why many goats find themselves stuck in fences. Due to their insatiable nature, they spent lots of time grazing.

Keeping the grasses and weeds around the fence neat and trimmed will help ensure the goats are not tempted to stick their heads through the fence. Always supply fresh pasture and plenty of food as it helps keep the goats from wandering towards the fence.

2. Use PVC Pipes

This is a very efficient method involving using tape to wrap a PVC pipe around the goat horns. Lots of folks refer to this as the stick of shame. The goat’s horns can be challenging to manage. Most goats get stuck in the fence because their horns get trapped between the wires or the posts.

The PVC pipe is cut a bit wider than the holes in the fence the goat tends to get stuck in. Using duct tape tends to be the most effective, as it won’t damage the goat’s horns.

Ensure it is not wrapped too tight because if too tight, it can restrict blood flow in the horns. If blood flow is restricted, the horns might fall off.  However, it is important to remember that this method is unsuitable for the long term. It might just be able to help the goat eventually learn not to stick its head through the fence.

Types of Fencing to Consider

There are various fencing options available. Before choosing, consider the size of the farm or the portion of land allocated to the goats, your budget, and the breed of goat to be reared.

Ensure to make the fences tall; some goats love to jump. Choose wires that can withstand climbing and leaning. The wires should also be able to prevent the goats from sticking their heads through, especially if it’s a breed with large horns.   

1. Woven Wire Fence

woven wire fence

The woven wire fence is a knotted construction and is considered very suitable for a goat pen. The reason it is considered so is simple. The wire fencing is strong enough to withstand the ramming of the goats.

The construction is durable enough to remain standing over the years. It can also be designed with small holes preventing the goat from sticking its head through the fence.

2. Electric Fence Netting

This woven electric fence comes in various lengths, known for its durability, ease, and effectiveness. A steel rod can easily attach a solar electric box to the fencing. The box serves as the source of electricity.

The fencing is easy to use and can be stored safely when not needed. It’s a great choice for training and permanently and temporarily containing animals.

How to Free a Goat head stuck in Fence

Even with all the measures you put in place to stop your goats from sticking their head, you may still come to the pen and find them stuck. Here are a few steps to follow to help the goat out.

  1. Approach the goat slowly and calmly so you don’t cause it to panic.
  2. Slowly pick up its hind legs like a wheelbarrow.
  3. Tip the goat forward so it lowers its head.
  4. Pull back. The goat’s head should slip out of the fence.

In some rare cases, you may need to break or bend the wire around the horn to get it loose.

Preventing your goats from getting stuck in the fence would go a long way, as it’s easier to prevent them from getting stuck than getting them loose. It will also prevent the fencing from being damaged.

I hope you loved and found this article interesting. For more educative posts about goats’ well-being, do follow us.

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