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Do Goats Need Light At Night? (Answered)

Do Goats Need Light at Nights?

Rearing goats can be exciting and rewarding. Although they can be stubborn at times, they are one animal that can be easily reared at home.

Have you wondered whether goats need light at night? Do you put off the light at their pen house at night? Or, do you leave the light on throughout the night?

This is one question most of us aren’t sure of the answer to. Most people who either switch off the light or let it on, do that even though they don’t know why they do it. They just follow their instincts.

do goats need light at night

Here, I will be giving you verified facts on whether your goats need light at night or not and why.

Firstly, it will be paramount that you first understand:

  • What does a goat vision look like?
  • Can goats see in the dark?
  • Do goats sleep at night?
  • Don’t light affect goats when they sleep?

Now, to the main gist of the day.

Do Goats need light at night?

Yes, they do. As seen in the previous section, light does not affect them in any way. Below are the two main reasons why you must leave the light on at night at the pen house:

  1. For protection: As stated earlier, goats are prey animals. The predators usually use the darkness to come to harm them. Even in their pen house? Yes, stray dogs that live with men can eat goats. I have heard of an incident where a man has a dog and a few goats. And on one of the days when the man was not around, the dog ate all the children of the goat. So, you can see that the necessity of lights cannot be overemphasized. So, this light helps them to see and run quickly, for goats are not a very fast runner.
  2. For warmth: Goats are animals allergic to cold. They seek warmth so badly that most times, they sleep together to generate heat. A green or red bulb will do better and no harm in keeping your goats stable throughout the night.
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Are there dangers of Not Keeping the Light on in the Goat Pen House at Nights?

Yes, they are dangers, and they are:

  • Loss of livestock to predators and poisonous retails
  • It can reduce your economic level. As we all know, most people that rear goats do that for the economic reward it brings.
  • Reduction in the value of fur.

What Does a Goat Vision Look Like?

Unlike other herbivores, the pupils in a goat’s eyes are shaped horizontal and look like a rectangle.

This enables them to have a near 360 degrees visual field. That means, the goat can see all around them at the same thing.

This eye shape also allows them to control the number of lights that enters their eyes. This enables them to avoid being blinded by the sun during the part of the day when the sun is at its hottest.

As a result of this structure, they can see it at night. Why will the goat eye be unique among the herbivores?

In the order of a predator and prey, goats are referred to as prey. This horizontal eye shape helps it to escape from its predators by allowing them to see where they are running; to avoid running in the wrong direction.

Can Goats See in the Dark?

Since their eyes are horizontal in shape with their elongated pupils, they can see well in the dark.

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This rectangular mechanism allows additional light into their eyes that enables them to see better at night than we humans.

They can gaze comfortably at night and move around safely in their surroundings.

Do Goats Sleep at Nights?

Yes, goats sleep at night. They are light sleepers. That means that they sleep for short hours and can wake up at the slightest noise. They are very sensitive to sound.

According to research, goats only need five hours of sleep during the night. Normally, goats take short naps during the day.

You can start observing them now. The nicest thing about goats is they like sleeping and touching their bodies. This helps to keep them warm.

Does Light Affect Goat While They Sleep?

No, not at all. A light red bulb will do as it won’t disturb them in any way. It is not too bright, and it emits heat to keep warm.


The importance of keeping light on at night at the pen house for your goats cannot be overemphasized. You will not want to risk your goat being killed or attacked. Today as you go home, go and fix that bulb and keep it on.

Mark Lockett

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