While both tractors may seem like the same thing, there are still some differences between them. These differences will help you know which is the better one. It doesn’t dispute that both Kubota B2301 and B2601 tractors would do a perfect job on the farm.

The Kubota 2301 and B2601 are both compact tractors that are reliable and highly durable. They have almost the same specifications and dimensions. However, the horsepower of the B2601 is higher than that of the Kubota 2301. This alone should tell you which would do a better job on the farm.

Asides from that, there are other features you need to know. It will help you conclude which is the better one. So, without further mouth-watering, let’s dive into it!

Kubota B2301 vs. B2601: Which is better?

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As aforementioned above, both tractors share many similar specs and dimensions. However, they still have multiple differences. So, we’ll go through those features individually to help you find the clear winner.

  • Engine: Both Kubota B2301 and B2601 share the same liquid-cooled three-cylinder engine.
  • Horsepower: The Kubota B2301 has a horsepower of 22, whereas the B2601 has a horsepower of 26 at 3200 rpm.
  • Hydraulic transmission: Both tractors come with a three-range hydraulic transmission. This provides easy performance and power when lifting equipment.
  • Mechanical transmission system: the Kubota 2601 has a mechanical transmission system that increases power using a gear-based system. The Kubota B2301, on the other hand, has just a hydraulic transmission system.
  • General hydraulic system: The Kubota B2601 can lift more tools easier and better than the Kubota B2301. This is because it has power steering with a three-point hitch. This allows for lifting a lot of heavy-duty tools. Moreover, the lift capacity of 2601 is 1880 Ibs while that of 2301 is 1808 Ibs.
  • Tires: Both tractors feature great tires that help to improve traction and performance. The B2301 has a front tire of 6 to 12mm. At the same time, the B2601 has a size of 7 to 12mm. In addition, the rear tire of the B2301 is 9.5 to 16mm. At the same time, the B2601 has a rear tire of 11.2 to 16mm. From this comparison, you can see that there’s not much difference between both tires.
  • Fuel capacity: The Kubota B2301 and the B2601 use diesel. More interestingly, they have the same fuel capacity. They both have a fuel capacity of 23 liters.
  • Battery and charging capacity: In terms of battery and charging capacity, both tractors use a 12-volt battery. Moreover, they have the same charging capacity of 40amps.
  • Wheelbase and weight: Both tractors have the same wheelbase but still, the Kubota B2601 has more ground clearance. It has a ground clearance of 12.8 inches. The Kubota B2301, on the other hand, has a ground clearance of 12 inches. The B2601 is also slightly larger than the B2301. The B2601 measures 1632 Ibs (740kg) while the B2301 weighs 1566 Ibs (710kg).

The Kubota B2601 has a better lifting capacity, while the B2301 offers superb comfort. So, whichever one you choose as the best depends on you.

Specifications of both tractors

Engine Horsepower at 3200 RPM22HP25.5HP
PTO horsepower17.7HP19HP
TransmissionHST (range: 3)HST (range: 3)
Fuel tank capacity23 liters23 liters
Brake typeMulti-plate wet-discMulti-plate wet-disc
Three-point hitchPresentPresent
Rpm rated2800 rpm2800 rpm
Weight1566 Ibs1632 Ibs
Traveling speed11.9 mph12.7 mph
Tire6-12 (front)9.5-16 (rear)7-12 (front)11.2-16 (rear)
Ground allowance12 inches12.8 inches

Pros and Cons of Each Tractor

Kubota B2301

Kubota B2301 Pros

  • Extremely reliable
  • Powerful
  • It can be used to carry heavy tools.
  • Offers extra comfort to the operator
  • It has a high back seat.
  • It has a reversible seat with great leg space.
  • Light weighted

Kubota B2301 Cons

  • Travels with a lesser speed than its counterpart
  • Has a lesser ground clearance
Kubota B2601

Kubota B2601 Pros

  • Offers a smooth performance
  • It has a very good lifting capacity.
  • It comes with a better horsepower
  • It is large
  • It has a better ground clearance

Kubota B2601 Cons

  • It doesn’t have a high backseat
  • It is heavy


So, from all that has been outlined here, it is obvious that both tractors are extremely powerful and reliable. They share similar features, which start from the engine, brake, transmission system, and fuel capacity.

The Kubota B2601 offers a better lifting capacity. It has better ground clearance, and it is heavier. The Kubota B2301 offers excellent comfort. Before making your final purchase, please consider both tractors’ features.

I hope you make the right decision.

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