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What Weight Of Oil For New Holland TC30 Tractor?

What Weight of Oil for New Holland TC030 Tractor?

The weight of oil that a tractor can carry varies from one to another. Often time, the weight of the oil is directly relational to the brand and capacity of the tractor.

So before operating a tractor, you must know the weight of oil and also the type of oil that the tractor uses not to incur damage that can be avoided.

In this same light, to all lovers of new Holland tc30, your question, “what weight of oil for new Holland tc30 tractor” will be answered in full detail. Firstly, let’s look at the new Holland tc30 tractor

About the New Holland TC30 Tractor?

New Holland TC30 is a Compact Utility Tractor that is equipped with a Shibaura N843 diesel 3-cylinder liquid-cooled 91.3 ci [1.5 L] engine with a fuel tank of 7.1 gals. With a transmission speed of 9-speed gear hydrostatic, it produces 30 hp [22.4 kW] power.

New Holland TC30 Compact Utility Tractor contains two-post foldable ROPs, wet disc brakes, spur gear drives with a Shibaura 1.5L 3-cyl diesel engine, 4×2 2WD or 4×4 MFWD 4WD chassis Power steering.

Its weight is 2193 lbs (994 kg) and 1635 lbs (741 kg). Also, its rear lift is at 24/610mm.

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One unique thing about the New Holland TC30 Compact Utility Tractor is that in addition to its features, the New Holland 7308 loader is also attached to it.

What weight of oil for New Holland TC30 Tractor?

The new Holland tc30 tractor with hydrostatic can contain 35.2 quarts. And, without hydrostatic, it can contain 34.4 quarts.

oil for tractor

For the hydrostatic transmission of the first oil into the tractor. You must note that the service interval is first changed with the filter at 50 hours, about 8 gallons, every 600 hours

What kind of Oil Does the New Holland Tc30 Tractor accept?

For your new Holland tc30 tractor to function properly, only Shell Rotella 5w-40 synthetic oil should be used. It is not only good but essential for your engine.

It will prolong its life, and as well reduce startup wear. This is because almost 90% of all engine wear occurs, in the first 20 seconds after starting.

Is the Engine of the New Holland Tc30 Tractor good?

Yes, it is very good. The Tc30 engine is capable of outliving man if there is oil and filter change regularly.

Unlike what most naysayers say the Tc30 engine isn’t a dixie-cup engine. The new Holland tc30 engine is been manufactured by the best hands in a joint venture of Perkins, and the Japanese company. So stop worrying about the engine.

New Holland TC30 Tractor Specs

  • Engine – 30hp (22.4KW)
  • Hydrostatic PTO – 24hp (17.9 KW)
  • Gear PTO – 25.5hp (19.0KW)
  • Steering – power
  • Starter volts – 12
  • Brakes – wet disc
  • Final drives – spur gear
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New Holland TC30 Hydraulics

  • Type- open centre
  • Pump flow – 6.1 gpm (231.1pm)
  • Steering flow – 3.5 gpm (13.2Ipm)
  • Total flow – 9.6gpm (36.3Ipm)

New Holland TC30 Power Takeoff (PTO)

  • Rear PTO – Live
  • Rear lift (at 24″/610mm) – 1635 lbs (741 kg)
  • Rear RPM – 540
  • Mid PTO – optional
  • Mid RPM – 2000

New Holland TC30 Dimensions and Tires

  • Weight – 2193 Ibs (994kg)
  • Wheelbase – 63 inches (160cm)
  • Front tire – 5.50 – 16
  • Rear tire – 11.2 – 24
  • Lawn rear – 13.6 – 16
  • 4WD Ag front – 7 – 14
  • 2WD lawn – 28 x 8.50/12
  • 4WD lawn – 24 x 8.50/14

New Holland TC30 Transmission

  • Type – gear
  • Gears – 9 forward and 3 reverse

New Holland TC30 Capacity

  • Fuel – 7.1 gal (26.9)

New Holland TC30 Dimensions

  • Weight – 2193 Ibs (994kg)
  • Length – 109 inches (276cm)
  • Width 54.3 inches (137)
  • Wheelbase – 63 inches (160cm)
  • Height – 82.4 inches (209 cm)

New Holland TC30 Battery

  • Number – 1

New Holland TC30 Attachments


  • Type – New Holland 7308
  • Dump reach 12.8 inches (32 cm)
  • Dump angle – 38
  • Clearance bucket – 84 inches (213)
  • Weight – 516 Ibs (234kg)
  • Bucket width – 54 inches. 60inches and 68 inches
  • Height – 100.5 inches (255cm)
  • Lift to full height – 875 Ibs (396)
  • Rollback angle – 20
  • Breakout force – 1602 Ibs (726kg)

What is the price of the New Holland TC30 Tractor?

The new Holland TC30 tractor can be gotten for the sum of $8,950.

This is all for now on the New Holland TC30 tractor. For more information on tractors and farming, kindly follow our blog posts.

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