Can Pigs Eat Goat Feed? Do you rear pigs and goats together, and are you wondering whether you can switch their diets?

Pigs are known to be great eaters, so can eating goat feed harm them? To ascertain the real facts about your assumptions, I oblige you to review this article carefully.

Can pigs eat goat feed?

Pigs can eat goat feed, but you shouldn’t make goat feed a staple diet for a pig, nor should it always be served. This is because goat feed does not contain the nutritional content that a pig needs to grow properly.

The nutrients in goat feed are limited; unlike goats, pigs need enough vitamins, fiber, and minerals to grow properly.

Pigs can safely consume goat food, but it is not useful to them. If you must feed your pigs with goat feed, it has to be occasionally and as a supplement to the main diet. Also, aside from its little nutritional value, goat feed can cause indigestion in pigs when fed often with it.

Can Mini Pigs consume Goat Feed?

Mini pigs are also called pet pigs, and goat feed isn’t suitable for them. Although they can eat it, it is not recommended. You are advised to feed your mini pigs with pig feed or high-nutritional diets like fiber, vitamins, and protein.

how long do pigs live as pets

For optimum results, you can try mixing plant-based and animal-based diets for them to eat – they are omnivorous animals. In addition to pig feed, fruits and vegetables can also be added to their diet. They are fond of apples, bananas, berries, melons, pears, and most types of vegetable.

Mini pigs greatly benefit from a well-regulated dietary plan. Overfeeding can lead to obesity which could cause numerous health problems. Be cautious with sugary and fatty foods – these should be given as treats, not as regular food.

Ensuring a diet rich in fiber is also important for your mini pig’s health as it helps to moderate blood sugar levels and it keeps the pig satiated for a longer period, which helps prevent overeating.

Can pigs Feed on Goat Minerals?

Yes, pigs can feed on goat minerals, which is very safe for them. However, it is not necessary.

Hogs like goat minerals as it is very tasty, but this mineral isn’t sufficient to provide all the needed mineral requirements that a hog needs. So a pig needs the following minerals for optimum growth and development.

  • Copperhelps improve the immune system.
  • Sodium – is vital for maintaining the electrolyte balance in the body.
  • Selenium – helps to protect hogs’ membranes.
  • Zinc – helps to ensure proper cell growth
  • Copper – helps improve the immune system
  • Calcium – essential in enzyme production and proper bone development
  • Sodium – is vital for maintaining the electrolyte balance in the body.

Even though the above minerals benefit the hog’s body, they should only be fed in small quantities. It is, however, unnecessary to be giving them this mineral always. Only give them this mineral occasionally or when they exhibit deficiencies.

Is Goat Pellet Suitable for Pig Growth?

Goat feed is unsuitable for hog growth because the goat may contain and not contain the needed nutrient a hog needs to grow properly. For example, goats feed more on hay and leafy materials, which are rich in fiber and protein.

You should understand that good digestion is necessary for pigs because they eat daily. So apart from feeding them goat feed which is nutritionally unsuitable for their growth, it can obstruct the digestion of the pig.

To ensure your goat grows properly, pig pellets are better options. These pig pellets are manufactured to meet the exact need of a hog, and you can get them from a Vet medical center.

Can goats and pigs eat the same food?

Pigs can live together with goats but avoid putting them together in a single barn or an enclosed space alone. Instead, make a pigpen for your pigs and a goat pen for your goats.

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Goats and pigs are two distinct species with unique dietary requirements needed to support their overall health and growth. Although in many instances pigs and goats live together, particularly in small-scale farming operations, it is not ideal for them to consume the same food.

One significant issue arises from the fact that pigs eat goat feed, often leading to nutritional imbalances in either one or both species. Pigs, being omnivores, have a broader diet spectrum compared to goats who are essentially ruminants, needing specific nutrients usually obtained from grazing on shrubs, grasses, and herbs.

Furthermore, goats require certain vitamins and minerals in their diet, which pig feed often lacks, potentially compromising the health of the goats over time. While sharing the same living space can be managed effectively, it’s recommended that their dietary needs be met with species-specific feeds to maintain healthy pigs and goats.

What shouldn’t be Fed to Pigs

If you own both goats and pigs, you will understand that it is easier to feed a pig because their food range is extensive. However, goats are easy to feed, despite their few options. You can easily feed them since they mostly feed on hay and grasses that can be easily found around.

So for health reasons, you shouldn’t allow your pigs to feed on the following:

  • Apple seeds
  • Mustard roots and seeds
  • Broccoli roots and seeds
  • Tomatoes vine and leaves
  • Rhubarb leaves
  • Avocado pit and skin
  • Young oak leaves
  • Unripe acorns
  • Raw fleshy food (such as raw meat, fish, or chicken bone)
  • milk


Goats and pigs may eat the same kind of feed, but both can be dangerous over a long time.

Pigs are omnivores, and goats are herbivores. This states that pigs can eat fleshy and plant-based food while goat only eats plant-based food. So goat feed cannot be nutritionally sufficient for a pig.

If you rear both animals at home, ensure you demarcate them by giving each animal their space, as pigs can get territorial at times, which is dangerous to the goats.

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