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Can Pigs Eat Goat Feed? (Detailed Explanation)

Can Pigs Eat Goat Feed?

Do you rear both pigs and goats together and are you wondering whether you can switch their diets?

Pigs are known to be great eaters, so can eating goat feed be harmful to them? To ascertain the real facts about your assumptions, I oblige you to go through this article carefully.

Can pigs eat goat feed?

Pigs are great eaters, and yes they can eat goat feed, but you shouldn’t make a goat feed a staple diet for a pig, nor should it be served always. This is because a goat feed does not contain the nutritional content that a pig needs to grow properly.

The nutrients in a goat feed are limited, and unlike goats, pigs need enough vitamins, fiber, and minerals to grow properly.

Can Pigs Eat Goat Sweet Feed?

Goat sweet feed most times contains pellet food with a mix of whole grains, or molasses. This type of feed is rich in vitamins, iron, and sugars. But still, it is of no nutritional value to the pigs.

Yes, pigs can feed on goat sweet food but it is not useful to them, if you must feed your pigs with goat sweet feed, it has to be occasionally and as a supplement to the main diet.

Also, aside from its little nutritional value, goat sweet feed can cause indigestion to pigs when they are fed often with it.

Can Potbelly Pigs Eat Goat Feed?

Yes, potbelly pigs can eat goat feed, but it serves them no nutritional value. It is advised that you feed your potbelly pigs with veggies, roots, seeds, nuts, insects, and pellets.

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Can Mini Pigs Eat Goat Feed?

Mini pigs are also referred to as pet pigs, and goat feed isn’t suitable for them. Although they can eat it, it is not recommended. You are advised to feed your mini pigs with pig feed or high nutritional diets like fiber, vitamins, and protein.

For optimum results, you can try mixing a plant-based diet and an animal-based diet for them to eat – this is because they are omnivorous animals.

Can pigs Feed on Goat Minerals?

Yes, pigs can feed on goat minerals, as it is very safe for them. However, it is not necessary.

Hogs like goat minerals as it is very tasty, but this mineral isn’t sufficient to provide all the needed mineral requirements that a hog needs. So a pig needs the following set of minerals for optimum growth and development.

  • Copper – helps improve the immune system
  • Sodium – is vital for the maintenance of electrolyte balance of the body.
  • Selenium  – helps to protect hogs membranes
  • Zinc – helps to ensure proper cell growth
  • Copper – helps improve the immune system
  • Calcium – essential in enzyme production and proper bone development
  • Sodium– is vital for the maintenance of electrolyte balance of the body.

Even though the above minerals are beneficial to the hog’s body, they should only be fed in small quantities. It is however unnecessary to be giving them this mineral always. Only give them this mineral occasionally or when they are exhibiting forms of deficiencies.

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Is Goat Feed Suitable for Pig’s Growth?

Goat feed is not suitable for hog growth, this is because the goat may contain and not contain the needed nutrient a hog need to properly grow. For example, goats feed more on hay and leafy materials, which are rich in fiber and protein.

You should understand that maintaining good digestion is necessary for pigs because they eat every day. So apart from feeding them goat feed which is nutritionally not suitable for their growth, it can obstruct the digestion of the pig.

To ensure your goat grows properly, pig pellets are better options. These pig pellets are manufactured to meet the exact need of a hog, and you can get them from a Vet medical center.

Can Pigs Stay Together With Goats?

Pigs can live together with goats but avoid putting them together in a single barn or an enclosed space alone. Instead, make a pigpen for your pigs and a goat pen for your goats.

You probably may say that both animals are domestic, so why can’t they coexist in one enclosed space? Yes, they may be both domesticated, but this does not leave the tendency to hurt each other out of the equation.

Sometimes hogs exhibit territorial behavior, and they can attack baby goats, and even eat them up. Remember that pigs eat flesh, so baby goats are at risk where matured hogs are.

What Foods Should Not Be Fed To Pigs?

If you own both goats and pigs, you will understand that is easier to feed a pig because their food range is extensive. However, goats are easy to feed too, despite their options being few. You can easily feed them since they mostly feed on hay and grasses, that can be easily found around.

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So for health reasons, you shouldn’t allow your pigs to feed on:

  • Apple seeds
  • Mustard roots and seeds
  • Broccoli roots and seeds
  • Tomatoes vine and leaves
  • Rhubarb leaves
  • Avocado pit and skin
  • Young oak leaves
  • Unripe acorns
  • Raw fleshy food (such as raw meat, fish, or chicken bone)
  • milk

What Foods Should Be Fed To Pigs?

For mature pigs, feed them with a variety of

  • corn-based food like rice, wheat, barley, and corn
  • cooked potatoes
  • cucumbers
  • pumpkins
  • all squashes
  • tomato
  • carrot
  • spinach
  • melon
  • grapefruit


Pigs and goats may eat the same kind of feed, both can be dangerous over a long time.

Pigs are omnivores and goats are herbivores, this states that pigs can eat fleshy and plant-based food while goat only eats plant-based food. So goat feed cannot be nutritional sufficient for a pig.

If you rear both animals at home, ensure you demarcate them by giving each animal their space, as pigs can get territorial at times, which is dangerous to the goats.

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