Your tractor sprinkler is moving backward, and you are probably worried. It doesn’t matter whether it was made by Nelson, John Deere, Orbit, or any other sprinklers company.

This is a problem most people face when they get a new tractor sprinkler, and you can find the solution in this article. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

Why Does My Tractor Sprinkler Go Backwards?

Your tractor sprinkler is going backward because the sprinkler arms are moving in the wrong direction.

There is no need to call the company; it is something you can fix without the help of a technician or expert. Just follow the guide below.

On normal grounds, the spray arms should be moving clockwise (check how your clock moves if you don’t know what this means).

How To Adjust a Tractor Sprinkler To Go Forward

The only way to make the tractor sprinkler go forward is to turn the sprinkler arms in the opposite direction. The wheels follow the direction of the spray arms. Correcting the wrong direction of both arms will make it go forward.

If the sprinkler arms rotate in an anti-clockwise direction, you need to turn it 180o in a clockwise direction and vice-versa.

You don’t need to change the air or fuel filters; this is the solution to this problem.

How To Make Tractor Sprinklers Go Faster

Maybe you are not the patient type and want to speed it up. There is a solution to that. Most sprinklers possess a lever, switch, or button to increase or reduce the speed. You can change the settings as you want.

The speed of the wheels is directly proportional to the speed of the spray arms. The faster the arms move, the faster the tractor sprinkler moves.

Therefore you will need to shorten the arms, which implies a permanent modification of your tractor sprinkler.

Reducing the arms’ length will also reduce the range of the water being sprayed. I don’t think you should bother about the speed; let the machine do its job.

How Fast Does a Tractor Sprinkler Go?

Most tractor sprinklers move at a speed of 10 – 60 feet per hour, about 0.16 – 1 feet per minute (doing the math).

If your sprinkler is slower than the minimum speed in its manual, you should check the wheels and motor for any problems. Also, make sure it was assembled the right way.


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