What Tractor Has the Best Resale Value in 2023?

A tractor is one thing that can be used and sold after some time. Buying a tractor and reselling it at an excellent price will be nice.

In this article, I will tell you about the most powerful tractor with the best resale value and the facts that make it so.

What Tractors Holds Their Value?

John Deere is the most potent tractor on earth, whose parts are regarded as the most durable and efficient, with over 182 years of existence.

About John Deere Tractors

Deere and Company were founded in 1837, 182 years ago, in Grand, Illinois, USA. Presently its headquarter is suited in Moline, Detour.

Deere and Company is a brand of America proving services that offer the most significant agricultural machinery in the world that covers:

  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Diesel engines
  • Automobiles
  • Consumer and commercial equipment.

John Deere vs. Kubota resale value

There are arguments that Kubota may have the best resale value because of its reliability.

But can I tell you the truth? Regarding efficiency and durability, Kubota is always second to John Deere. It is only in price that Kubota can come ahead.

Facts that Make John Deere the Best Resale Value Tractor

John deere 6030

1. Trumped metal. Most polymer panels in garden tractors are made up of cheap plastic panels.

Coming to John Deere, the Polymer panel in the subcompact and compact tractor is much lighter than metals. If you are familiar with automobiles and aerospace engineering, you probably will be familiar with high-strength plastics and their benefits.

It is rare to see an old John Deere that is not in good shape, unlike other brands of tractors that use metals unforgiving to mistakes. They rust, ding, dent, and fade away. But you see plastics; it does not rust. Even if it comes in contact with a hard object, it will bend slightly, and you can twist it back to its former shape.

And this helps to maintain the color of John Deere’s tractor. Seeing an old John Deere looking discolored is rare because its brightness is always there.

2. The Hydrostatic Pedal Configuration: John Deere has side-by-side pedals for forward and reverses on the right side of the operator station floorboard. The brake pedal is found on the left side of the floorboard. You can quickly initiate it with this configuration when immediate braking is needed.

It prevents you from coming into an accident and initiating from immediate break need. But you see other brands like Kubota? It has a pedal where you can use your toe to move forward and another pedal to push your heel to reverse.

In this case, the brake pedal is found directly above the go-forward hydrostatic pedal; in case of emergency braking, you can simultaneously fall into a catastrophic accident by pressing the wrong pedal.

3. Integrated Parking Stand: The integrated parking stand allows John Deere to stand to move into position as the hydraulic is moved when parking the loader.

With John Deere, unlike other brands, you can use the loader joystick to put down pressure on the bucket, flip up each spring-loaded bracket from the operation station, then work the joystick to park the loader.

It is very superior, and there is no false in that. You should note that you must disconnect your hydraulics afterward.

4. A Quick Attach Bucket: A quickly attached bucket is needed to utilize your loader for something besides a bucket.

You can easily mount attachments like; a bale spear, pallet fork, snow pusher, snow blade, and grapple to the end of the loader arms.

In other brands, it will cost you to do this attachment, but it costs you nothing with John Deere. As a result of the above four reasons, John Deere hardly depreciates in its value. Although it is costly, it is worth it.

How Much Do John Deere Tractors Cost?

  • John Deere 3038E Compact Tractor costs $22,656
  • John Deere 3033A Compact Tractor costs $24,160
  • John Deere 3039R Compact Tractor costs $26,689
  • John Deere 3046R Compact Tractor costs $31,003, and so many more.


John Deere is your solution if you are a farmer searching for a tractor with the best resale value. The above information shows its superiority over other brands, including Kubota. Do well to read and to make a purchase.

Kindly visit any agricultural machinery store closest to you. Or you can easily order online for it to be delivered to you.


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