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There are a lot of tractors on the market and each comes with its own set of features and benefits. Kubota is one of the largest manufacturers of tractors in the world. It is recognized for Its effectiveness and sturdiness. But, not all models are very effective and flawless.

By understanding the models you should avoid and the models you should buy, you can save yourself a lot of money and frustration. Thus, you’ll need to choose one that’s right for you.

In as much as the Kubota brand is great, some models are worth keeping an eye on. As you must’ve already guessed, as you read through you’ll find the few Kubota models that you must avoid.

6 Kubota tractor models to avoid

Here’s the list of the top Kubota models to avoid.

1. Kubota L3300F

Although this model has fewer issues, it is still one of the Kubota models you need to avoid. This model experiences problems with the engine.

The engine used for the Kubota L3300F model is very expensive and this increases the price of repairs. To avoid spending much, it’s best if you avoid the Kubota L3300F model.

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2. Kubota L4701

Kubota L4701 Tractor

The next tractor on the list of Kubota models to avoid is the Kubota L4701. The frequent issues with the Kubota L4701 tractor tractors are defective fuel pumps and a diesel engine that won’t turn.

It doesn’t end there, other problems you may face include an engine that reduces power, a clutch that won’t engage, trouble shifting, and a steering wheel that spins without resistance.

The incorrect valve adjustments, clutch failure, and many more are also part of the common problems users face with this Kubota model.  But, most of these issues can be fixed by swapping out the defective compartments, and doing so will be expensive if it happens. Thus, it is best to avoid the Kubota L4701 model.

Few operators have complained about the hydraulics and other problems with their Kubota L4701. They have never received a positive reaction from the Kubota firm even though it was within the warranty time. This can be considered a bad action for the business. So, to prevent these frequent issues, it’s better to avoid the Kubota L4701 tractor model.

3. Kubota 1025R

Another Kubota tractor to avoid is the Kubota 1025R. With the use of the Kubota 1025R, users have complained about the engine spitting and sputtering with white smoke pouring out. Besides, after each of these issues occurs, the engine shuts down. Even when there is ample gasoline, this issue still occurs.

On many forums and platforms, users have also reported that they have checked the fuel and air filters. But, there’s still no issue and the problems persist.

They also complain that if you leave the tractor idle for an hour or two, the problems go away, but it ends up wasting gasoline. Thus, it is best if you completely avoid using the Kubota 1025R.

4. Kubota B3350

All those who have purchased the Kubota B3350 have laid complaints about it. This problem is caused by the regeneration mechanism. The worst part of it is that even after several repairs, it still experiences failure. The diesel filter regenerates and it causes the tractor to shut down completely.

The frequent regeneration leads to clogs and to empty it, you may need to move with the tractor for 20 minutes at 40mph. Driving short distances and many failed sensors are also responsible for the problems you may face with the Kubota B3350. Kubota has failed to provide a solution to this problem despite the constant complaints received from users.

Another common problem with the Kubota B3350 is Its ECM’s suitability for warm conditions. This makes the engine have trouble starting in the cold.

Additionally, the Kubota B3350’s batteries and spark plug malfunctioned after a week of inactivity. You may not use it for a week and the next you’ll notice is that something is already broken.

Due to all its constant issues, it’s best if you stay away from this model.

5. Kubota BH92 Backhoe

So many users have complained about the Kubota BH92 Backhoe. It is one of the Kubota models to avoid. The Kubota BH92 Backhoe has issues such as spring-loaded tensioners breaking loose, hydraulic leaks, and a few other minor issues.

Such issues include clogged and blocked fuel pumps regularly. The main issue is that the spring-loaded tension can break and cause serious injuries to the user. One user also complained about the spring-loaded tensioner breaking. This caused the parts to jump into his eye and forehead, necessitating immediate surgery.

Users have also reported that when they write to Kubota’s company about their problems, Kubota remains unresponsive. Even though the reports are made within the warranty period, Kubota still fails to give a good response. As a result, it is preferable not to buy the Kubota BH92 model to avoid unpleasant situations.

6. Kubota BX2380

Kubota BX2380 tractor users have complained about issues including janky switches and poor-quality electrical connections. They have also experienced loosed connector pieces, slipping throttle levers, and many more problems. Because of how complicated these issues are and how they occur, fixing them will take a lot of time and money.

Some Kubota BX2380 operators claim that it is simple to lay the foldable ROPS down by pulling the pins on each side of the vehicle apart. The problem arises when they fold the ROPS back up as they end up not lining up with the pins.

Yet, only one side pin lines up when the operators operate the tractor with the ROPS raised. This may be considered a mild technical issue but it is still disappointing for a tractor in the mid-range category. To avoid these problems, it’s best if you completely avoid the tractor.


Kubota is a popular brand that makes the best compact tractors. But, this does not mean that all the models are the same.

Some models are faulty like the ones mentioned above. Now that you have known this, it’s best if you avoid those models to save money and time.

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