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Does Ford Still Make Tractors? This is among the many questions most people who love Ford products ask. We answered everything concerning this topic in this article.

The Ford Tractor Company was established in 1915 by W. Baer Ewing, an insurance business worker who hired Paul W. Ford, a local hardware clerk. His last name became the brand name of the tractor to facilitate horseless farming.

It was headquartered in Minneapolis and was only active from 1916 to 1917. The first set was released in October 1939 as it was the 9N tractor, the first American-made tractor to incorporate the Harry Ferguson three-point hitch system.

The 2N was introduced in 1942 as an improvement to 9N. in July 1947. The 8N was released with improved transmission and power, which became the most popular tractor in North America, with over 530,000 units produced. The Fordson Model F has sold over 650,000 units worldwide.

Ford tractor was one of the most successful and powerful tractor companies during the 20th century. Ford has produced some of the most powerful sets of tractors, like the Ford N8, made in 1947, becoming one of North America’s most beloved tractors.

Earlier, Ford used the name Fordson, which it dropped in 1964. All tractors produced after 1964 bear the brand name ford. After a lengthy legal battle, Henry Ford adopted “Fordson” as his tractor brand name. In chronological order, Ford produced tractors under the brand name Fordson, Ford, Ford-New Holland.

Does Ford still make tractors?

Unfortunately, the Ford Company doesn’t make tractors anymore, but you can still purchase the Ford tractor in the market (the ones produced before production was discontinued).

In addition to producing tractors, Ford also makes pickup tractors, and you are sure they are of good quality.

Why did Ford stop making tractors?

In 1991, Ford sold its tractor manufacturing business to Fiat to focus on increasing automotive and financial operations demand. The discontinuation of the Ford tractor makes him go back and build up his automotive business, making it one of the most successful automotive companies.

Fiat continued using the name “New Holland” until the year 2000. It was until 1999 that the company dropped the name Ford to comply with the terms of the sale.

When did Ford start making tractors?

Ford started producing tractors in the US in 1917 and spans till 1928. 1919, Ford began producing tractors from 1919 to 1923 and 1928 to 1933 in Cork, Ireland.

Ford made tractors in Dagenham, Essex, England, from 1933 to 1964. The Ford tractor dominated the market from 1917 to 1925.

Their first Fordson tractor came out at the height of World War I and did what the Model T did for cars. It was made available for people all over, showing that horses would be out of the game.

Are Ford and New Holland tractors the same?

Ford bought the New Holland in 1985, six years before selling off the company to focus on its automotive business, even though the For brand name was sued for an additional  ten years, even though they have stopped production,

After the purchase of the New Holland company, the Ford-New Holland line was created. The Ford-New Holland was a remarkable tractor with unique features and strong reliability. In 2009, New Holland Agricultural produced the world’s first hydrogen-powered tractor, NH2, generating energy from renewable sources.

During 1986 and 1991, when Ford owned the New Holland, it produced tractors under the brand names the Ford, New Holland, and Ford New Holland brands. It is safe to say that New Holland and Ford tractors are the same since they are produced from the same source.

What is the Nebraska Tractor Law?

The unsatisfactory report of the Ford tractor party was responsible for the Nebraska tractor law establishment. The Nebraska tractor law advocated that testing requirements be implemented to verify tractor performance.

The law was passed in 1919 in Nebraska, mandating that all tractors in the state should be well-verified on a standardized basis before being sold to the farmers.

Are Ford tractors still on sale?

Even though ford has discontinued production, you can buy some of its vintage tractors on the market. For example, the Ford 8N tractors remain the best reliable vintage tractor in the world.  

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  1. Thanks for the update on Ford tractor company.My best Ford tractor model 6610. Which I am huting a new daily but I couldn’t find it. Only available are used ones. My concern now is that if I buy a used Ford tractor today, are the spares not got going to be a problem in the future? Since Ford tractors are no longer being manufactured. Please help me.