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Yanmar Tractor Models To Avoid In 2022

Yanmar Tractor Models to Avoid

Yanmar tractors are globally recognized for their revolutionary mechanical engineering of diesel-powered engines, which earns them the position of being among the top ten world’s finest tractors.

Yanmar tractors are very reliable, versatile, durable, and robust. Even though it is a good brand of tractors, there are some models of Yanmar tractors that you should avoid. It may not be because of technical issues, some are because of the unavailability of spare parts.

Before going straight into listing the Yanmar tractor models to avoid, let’s look at a brief history of Yanmar tractors. 

A Brief History Of Yanmar Tractors

Yanmar was founded in 1912 in Osaka, Japan, it didn’t start as a tractor manufacturing company. At its inception, Yanmar serves as a producing gasoline-powered engine company.

In 1920, Yanmar stepped into the production of the kerosene engines. In 1921 “Yanmar” officially became a trademark, and it was not until 2002 that the brand’s name was changed to Yanmar Co., Ltd. 

In 1933, Yanmar produced the world’s first-ever small diesel engine that was named “HB”, which was recorded as a worthy invention.

It was not until 1961 that Yanmar created agricultural machinery sections. It was from here, that the production of tractors was birthed. At that time, Yanmar wasn’t known in the agricultural sector, it was only known in the marine and excavation industries. 

Over the years, this brand has shown consistent growth despite many ups and downs making it one of the most respected tractor brands in the world. It has many awards to its honor. In 1938, Yanmar was awarded by the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation for their research and innovation in combustion engines.

Yanmar Tractor Models to Avoid

Below are some of the Yanmar tractor models to avoid, and the reasons why you must avoid them.

  • YM1110 – very rare model – difficulty in getting body parts – no sharing
  • YM177 – very rare model – practically impossible to get money parts – no sharing
  • YM350 – Korean market model – there is a 0.5 to no chance of getting body parts
  • YM455 – Korean market model – there is almost zero chance of getting body parts
  • YM5000 & Yanmar tractors over 45 horsepower – Very rare in the United States – no sharing.
  • YM2200 & YM2700 – They are becoming popular models, so body parts aren’t hard to get, but body parts like the connecting rods, exhaust valves, and cylinder heads are very hard to get. However, you can’t see new versions of these models now. If you must buy it, it will be a used one, and they are very expensive to get, including their parts. Also, there do not share parts with any tractor.
  • All AF models, as well as newer 3 digits “F” series tractors like F195, F265, and F395, including newer single-digit “F” series like the F5, F6, F7, etc. These sets of tractors are known in the US market, and there is no manual to understand their operations and functionality. The worst part is that they are not similar in any way to other models present in the United States market. These parts are available but in limited numbers, however, they can get better as the year progresses.
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One very complex fact about these tractors that makes me strongly include it as some of the Yanmar tractors to avoid is that they are loaded with very complex electronics which makes them almost computer-controlled.

However, not like the Telsa computer-controlled or automatic driving style you cannot easily diagnose it with a volt meter or test light. The funny part is that the three-point lever them are computer-controlled, and the lever is attached to a potentiometer that controls electronically operated valves.

These tractors don’t come with any English diagram or manual that shows how they will be operated. The only sets of people that I think are safe to try out these tractor models are the adventurous electronic engineers.

  • All 2-digit “F” series tractors such as the F22, F16, FX32, etc. These models of Yanmar tractors will be off the list in a few years. Although the availability of their parts is increasingly getting better, they are still limited.

You can easily get the engine rebuild parts such as bearings, pistons, rings, etc, but most of the transmission and cosmetic parts are still not available in new versions, except used ones that are very expensive.

Another disadvantage of this tractor model is that the engines are not sleeved like the YM series and can easily become “egg-shaped” when overheated. This means you will be spending a lot to fix your engines. It is not a good model idea if you use your tractor to make money.

Best Yanmar Tractor models

Having looked at the worst Yanmar model of tractors to buy, let’s look at some of the best Yanmar tractor models to buy.

  • YM1500
  • YM1500D
  • YM1700
  • YM1700D
  • YM195
  • YM195D
  • YM2000
  • YM2000D
  • YM2210
  • YM2210D
  • YM240
  • YM240D
  • YM3110
  • YM3110
  • YM336
  • YM336D
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These models of Yanmar tractors are considered the best because their parts are readily available in the market at affordable rates. Also, you can easily operate them, as you can always refer back to their manuals.

Are Yanmar Tractors Reliable?

Yanmar tractors are known for their reliability. They come in different models and sizes to meet diverse agricultural needs.

As proof of their reliability Yanmar produces engines for several big brands in the agricultural manufacturing sector ranging from compact utility tractors to heavy-duty machinery such as John Deere.

If they aren’t reliable, brands like John Deere wouldn’t have collaborated with them. With proper maintenance and care, your Yanmar tractor can last for 20 years.

Additionally, every new Yanmar tractor comes with a 10-year limited powertrain warranty which most tractor brands do not offer. Within the ten-year guarantee period, you can still seek help if anything goes wrong with your tractor’s powertrain.  

Are Older Yanmar Tractors Reliable?

Yanmar is renowned for its reliable engines when it started production in the 1900s. Similar to the newer models, the older Yanmar tractors are reliable due to the fact their engines are strong and durable.

The only thing you have to do is to take care of it properly. An old Yanmar tractor can still function for up to 10 years if cared for properly.

Are Yanmar Tractors Still Being Produced?

Yes, Yanmar still produces tractors up to date. Currently, you can get a wide range of newly produced Yanmar tractors.

Below is a list of some of the newer models of Yanmar tractors that you will love to try out.

  • Yanmar YM359 – Best for over 25 acres with a horsepower rating of 59.
  • Yanmar YT235 – Best for 10 to 50 acres with a horsepower rating of 35.
  • Yanmar SA424DHX – Best for under 25 acres with a horsepower rating of up to 23.9.

How Long Do Yanmar Tractors Last?

Yanmar tractors have an impressive life span compared to other brands. Yanmar tractors can last for decades while some competing brands have life spans of less than a decade. A Yanmar tractor can last for up to 25 years.

Additionally, Yanmar tractors are designed to suit different agricultural and engineering usage. The specialty of their functions has been said to be a positive influence on their life span.

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For instance, Yanmar tractors that are made solely for challenging terrain with higher ground clearances, have improved suspension for stability, and sturdy body buildup, compared to the ones that are designed for lower ground clearance.

Problems found with Yanmar Tractors

No tractor is perfect and without problems; the only thing is that the problems should not be much that they overpower the benefits the tractor disseminates.

Even though Yanmar tractors are reliable and built with sturdy parts, they do possess few problems. Some of the few problems that consumers have complained about the tractor are:

  • Issues getting Yanmar tractors to start in cold weather.
  • Engine overheating
  • Poor fuel usage – some models don’t have this problem.

Are Yanmar Tractors Durable?

Yanmar tractors are not only reliable, but they are also durable. Their engines are known to be one of the best and most durable engines out there.

In addition to their engine, their body parts are built to be sturdy, unlike other tractor brands that use technologies with inferior materials to produce their tractors.

Yanmar tractors are built to the last. A Yanmar engine can last between 10,000 to 12,000 hours which equates to 1,000 hours a year for ten years. If it is well maintained, it can last you more than this.

Yanmar tractors are one of the best tractors you can purchase. You must research the model you like before purchasing it.

When purchasing a Yanmar tractor, I will advise you for a new version instead of a used one. Anyways, if you must go for a used one, ensure to go there with an engineer to check it and confirm its effectiveness.  

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