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Top 7 Most Valuable Antique Tractors in 2022

Ever wondered what the most valuable antique tractors in the world are? Can you even afford them if you were interested in getting one? Find out in this article today.

There are valuable antique tractors that you can keep as treasures. These tractors are prized possessions that can be used to store wealth, and they remain valuable over the years.

Most times, these antique tractors are limited in numbers, and the few persons that have them are privileged.

Most valuable antique tractors

Below are the most valuable antique tractors in the world.

1. 1913 Case Model 30-60

1913 Case Model 30-60 is one of the rarest tractors in the world. They are only five 1913 Case Model 30-60 in the world, and they were sold in 2007 for a whopping sum of $400,000 in an auction.

The 1913 Case Model 30-60 is the most expensive and highest antique tractor ever sold in an auction.

2. 1918 Huber Model 35-70

Huber is known for its production of durable and dependable tractors that feature the latest tech and engineering advancements in its tractors. The 1918 Huber 35 -70 is a rare antique tractor.

Presently, there are only three known 35-70 models in the world. The Huber 35 -70 was sold in an auction in September 20027 for a mouth-dipping sum of $250,000.

3. 1947 Lamborghini Carioca

Just like the way the Lamborghini cars are known to be one of the most expensive luxury cars, and with some of its models being antique, the same goes with this Lamborghini tractor.

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Formerly Ferruccio Lamborghini owned a company that produces tractors before he began to manufacture his luxury sports cars.

In 1937, Lamborghini built the first tractor using surplus military parts. It was called the Lamborghini Carioca.

After World War II in 1948, the tractor was destroyed and the parts lying on the ground waiting to be put into use.

Presently, the tractor resides at Centro Studi e Ricerche Ferruccio Lamborghini, (which is the family museum in Italy).

After a while, Lamborghini used the money he realized from the purchase of his farm equipment to begin his luxury sports car manufacturing business. I know you are shocked at this revelation, it is normal. Most people know about the Lamborghini cars but never knew about Lamborghini tractors and farm equipment existed.

4. 1918 Advanced-Rumely Oil Pull Model 30-60

The 1918 Advanced-Rumely Oil Pull Model 30-60 is the first oil pull tractor that was ever built. Unlike most tractors that use diesel, this antique tractor uses diesel to run power its motor. Also, the tractor was weighing 26,000 pounds and in 1918, was worth $4,300.

In 2007, the 1918 Advanced-Rumely Oil Pull Model 30-60 was sold for a whopping sum of $165,000 at auction. This antique tractor is regarded as Rolls Royce of tractors of all times.

5. 1988 John Deere 4450 Tractor

The 1998 John Deere 4450 tractor is one owner machine with only 2,612 engine hours. It was sold at auction for a whopping sum of $70,750.

However, the average 4450 John Deere series models were selling for an average price of $50,000. The price of this particular 1998 John Deere 4450 was shot high by the bidders because it is a tractor one-owner machine with very few engine hours.

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6. The 1959 Allis-Chalmers Fuel Cell Tractor

In 1959, Allis-Chalmers manufactured a tractor that was based on the concept that it will be powered by a fuel cell, although it looks impossible for a while,

The 1959 Allis-Chalmers fuel cell tractor features 20-horsepower (14.9-kilowatt) that helps to convert chemical energy (from a mixture of gases) into electrical energy to power up the tractor without smoke or noise.

The remarkable thing about this antique tractor is that it has 1,008 cells on board which is the largest operational fuel-cell unit in the world of all time. Also, it can haul 3,000 pounds (1,361 kilograms), which is typically the weight of a multiple-bottom plow.

The 1959 Allis-Chalmers fuel cell tractor was donated to Smithsonian Institution by its manufacturer; it is still contained in the museum collection up to this day.

Later, the Allis-Chalmers used the works of the fuel cell in the Apollo missions to the moon, but funding wasn’t available, and the mission was aborted in 1970.

7. Waterloo Boy Model R

In 1892, the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company invented the first usable gasoline-powered tractor. Only four of these antique tractor was made, and only two was sold. After a while, the company got sold out in 1895.

However, in 1914, the company came back to manufacturing tractors and introduced the Waterloo Boy Model R. Unlike the first model, which was limited in production, more than 8,000 of the Waterloo Boy Model R tractors were sold between 1914 and 1918.

In 1918, the sales of the Waterloo Boy Model R tractors were discontinued and the company was sold to John Deere. Then the Waterloo Boy models became the basis by which the green giant’s two-cylinder tractors were made. Some of the Waterloo Boy tractors are stored in the John Deere Pavilion, (a museum dedicated to preserving the history of famous green machines.)

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What Makes An Antique Tractor Special?

Similar to vintage luxury cars, antique tractors’ special nature comes from their rarity and historical relevance, and breakthrough.  

For example, an alternate fuel prototype tractor from the 1910s will be more significant and important to the media or an individual than common mass-produced farm tractors that you can easily find around the country.

Due to the rarity of the tractor, the media is easily drawn to it, and historians will pay to study the functioning, texture, and nature of the vehicle. Having an antique tractor is like having a precious diamond. Anyone with one of these antique tractors is automatically a rich man.


From the above antique tractor list, I know that you probably may have like one or two of them.

If you have the fortune, you can purchase any of the antique tractors that come out at auction. And for the ones safely stored in the museum, you can go check them out.

Mark Lockett

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