can goats eat walnuts

Can Goats Eat Walnuts? Some goat owners add walnuts to goats’ diet because of the wonderful taste it adds to the taste, not knowing the benefits or risks attached to goats eating the walnuts.

In today’s blog post, I will show you the benefits and risks of goats eating walnuts and why you must feed or not feed your goats with walnuts.

Can Goats Eat Walnuts?

Goat can eat Walnut as far as it is not rotten. Goats can eat all the parts of the walnuts, including the leaves and the bark. Walnuts are delicious and nutritious when served to goats. It helps to boost the appetite of goats.

Apart from boosting the appetite of goats, walnuts are fat-burning foods that are tasty and double as a great source of protein for goats.

Walnuts isolated

However, some goat owners have claimed that Walnut is harmful to the goat, especially black walnut. If you notice that your goats react to Walnut, do discontinue it immediately. But it is a good additive to their food if it doesn’t.

At first, most goats reject walnuts when they are first introduced. In this case, you need to gradually introduce them to the Walnut by serving them with their diet. With time, they will get used to it.

It would help if you never allowed the goat kids to eat the Walnut, as it may cause complications to their digestive systems.

This is because the kids haven’t developed a strong digestive system capable of digesting and consuming all the nutrients in walnuts. When serving the Walnut to the adult goats, please place it where the goat kids can never reach so they won’t be able to eat it.

Can Goats Eat Walnut Shells?

Walnut shells
Walnut shell

It would be best if you didn’t serve goats with walnut shells directly,  as walnut shells are capable of causing scratches on the tongue of the goats’ kids and can go as further as hurting their throats. 

If you give the walnut shells to your goats, you must grind them into smaller pieces or powder, mix them with other feeds or treats, and take them to the goats. In this way, you have defeated the adverse effects direct walnut shells will cause to the goats.

Can Goats Eat Walnut Leaves?

Goats can eat fresh walnut leaves. Fresh leaves contain a lot of nutritional value to the goat.   However, never feed your goats with dried walnut leaves because they tend to have a high concentration of toxins, which can poison the goats.

You can plant a walnut tree in your garden, as they serve as a free source of food supply for your goats if you run out of feed. However, you shouldn’t feed your goats with a lot of Walnut leaves, as too much of it can harm them.

Can Goats Eat Walnut Cakes?

piece of walnut cake

The walnut cake is a tasty walnut crunch that has an irresistible sight. You can make a walnut cake using different recipes and get the recipes online, which are easy to follow. Most walnut cakes don’t need many ingredients to make.

Some ingredients to make walnut cakes include; sugar, vanilla extract, all-purpose flour milk, eggs, and walnuts. However, when the walnut cake’s sugar and salt content is too obvious, the goats may not eat it.

Can Goats Eat Black Walnuts?

Goats can eat black walnuts and the tree’s shells, leaves, and bark. However, some goat owners have complained of their goats exhibiting severe abnormal pains when eating walnuts. As such, when you notice any abnormalities with your goats after consuming walnuts, discontinue them immediately.

According to research, it has been found that the leaves of black walnuts are antiparasitics, which means feeding your goat with them will help them develop strong immunity against any parasites that affect the livestock.

Health Benefits of Walnuts to Goats

Below is the various healthy walnut provided to your goats. They are:

  • Walnut is rich in antioxidants that help to reduce the risk of sickness in goats.
  • Walnut is rich in calories that provide a lot of energy to goats. 
  • Walnut also contains Vitamin E, phosphorus, and manganese that boost the overall wellness of the goats.

Walnut is delicious, and you may be tempted to always feed your goats on them. However, this does not mean that you should always provide them with it all the time. For health reasons, walnuts should be served to goats twice a week.

Also, walnut leaves can be included in the daily meals, which should be done once a week.


Walnuts are good fruits for your goats due to their great health benefits and rich nutritious content. However, this does not entail that the goats be regularly fed with it. It should be done in moderation, at least twice a week.

And the metabolism of your goats plays a great role in whether they will negatively or positively react to eating goats, so avoid generalizing your observations.

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