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How Long Can Goats Go Without Water?

How Long Can Goats Go Without Water?

Can goats go for days without water? Do goats need to take water every time? This and more are the questions that keep bothering goat growers living in arid areas.

Due to the scarcity of water in those areas, the growers to who you may belong will want to know how long a goat can go without water to make sure they don’t lose their livestock.

How Long Can Goats Go Without Water?

There is a rule that states a living creature can live without air for three minutes, survive without water for three days, and may be able to live without food for up to three weeks. But is this true for goats?

The simple answer is that a goat cannot survive long without water.

There is no specific time range to measure how long goats can go without water.

How long can goats go without water

It is being approximately calculated that it cannot exceed two days without water.

For a baby goat, it can’t go beyond a day.

If a goat gets dehydrated, it will die.

When a goat’s kidney shuts down, it is over for that goat.

Nearly every illness or injury in a goat is caused by some form of dehydration.

Illness like fever, diarrhea, pregnancy-related problems, shock, toxic reaction (poisoning), and infections can be avoided if the goats are adequately hydrated.

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The point is that giving your goats adequate water is like giving them medication.

Water acts like medicine to a goat’s body. That’s one of the reasons you can never see a goat taking dirty water.

If you want your goats to live long, give them enough water.

Before I forget, the kid (baby goat) must never be left dehydrated, it can be drastically affected if left dehydrated.

Do Goats Need Water Overnight?

Goats drink water overnight. As you had noticed, goats are mostly found chewing food.

They are ruminants that have four chambers in their stomach. One of them is for storing food they can retrieve and chew again.

As a result of this, they need water every time and the night hours is not an exemption.

Two to three buckets of water should be kept for them at night daily. Do this at night and you will be shocked to see empty buckets in the morning.

How Much Water Do Goats Need Daily?

For a goat to be healthy, it needs two to three gallons of water daily.

However, some goats can get only half a gallon of water daily.

It still won’t affect them that much.

Additionally, a lactation doe (female goat) needs more water than normal goats.

She needs to take more than three gallons of water daily to be able to produce milk for the kid and be strong.

To sum up this point, the number of water goats can take can be influenced by the nature, quality, and quantity of grass they eat.

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Do Goats Drink Dirty Water?

Most of us have this ideology that goats can eat and drink anything. But can I tell you that our so held ideology about goats is wrong?

They are stubborn and can be finicky (especially when it comes to water).

Other domestic animals like chickens, sheep, ducks, and pigs can drink dirty water even if there is mud in it.

But you see goats; they will never drink such water.

Goats ignore stagnant and dirty water. They prefer to stay thirsty rather than drink such water.

Since we now know that goats only take freshwater. You must try to keep the water clean and fresh for them.

You can start by changing their water every morning and night. Always clean the bucket before refilling. If you can do it thrice a day, it will be better.

And one more thing, goats love apple cider vinegar.

To make them drink enough water, I will suggest you add a tablespoon of ACV to a gallon of water. If you do this always, your goats will drink more water and look healthier.


Water is not an option for goats. It is a necessity. You should never let your goat go a day without taking water.

And you should always remember that their water must be fresh. And, if you have been giving your goats little water, you have to change from now onwards.

Goats are assets, treat them with optimum care and you will see the result of your investment.

Mark Lockett

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