John Deere 5020 vs. 6030

John Deere 5020 and 6030 are some of the best and strongest brands of tractors. Although reliable tractors differ in significant ways, and that is what I will be showing you today.

Quick Overview of John Deere

John Deere is the brand name of Deere & Company. This American corporation specializes in manufacturing agricultural machineries like tractors, lawn care machinery, forestry machinery, diesel engines, heavy equipment, and drive trains like the transmissions, axles, and gearboxes used in heavy equipment and lawn care equipment.

Deere & Company is headquartered in Moline, Illinois, with a slogan, “Nothing Runs Like a Deere,” and a leaping deer logo with the words JOHN DEERE’ written boldly under it.

In 2019, John Deere was listed in the Fortune 500 list, precisely No. 87 in America’s ranking and No 329th in the global ranking. The Company provides financial services and other related activities to individuals and corporate bodies besides manufacturing. Deere & Company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange with the official DE symbol. 

About John Deere 5020

John deere 5020

The John Deere 5020 tractor model was introduced in 1956 and discontinued in 1972, with 12,909 tractors produced in Waterloo, Lowa, USA.

It is a diesel-driven tractor with a power hp of 136 and a power kW of 101. It operates on a water cooling system and uses six cylinders. Its weight ranges from 14,510 to 19,630Ibs with a Wheelbase of 104 in.

About John Deere 6030

John deere 6030

The John Deere 6030 is the most powerful two-wheel-drive tractor of the final evolution of the 5010/5020 series produced in late 1971.

Despite its great strength, it is one of the rarest new-generation tractors, with only 45 produced. Also, they are known for their heavy and clumsy size, which prevents others from getting in their way.

The John Deere 6030 was rated at 175 horsepower, with some generating over 225 horsepower, and cumulatively used the 4042 serial number.

John Deere 5020 vs. John Deere 6030

 The table below shows the differences between the John Deere 5020 and John Deere 6030

SpecsJohn Deere 5020John Deere 6030
Previous modelJohn Deere 5010John Deere 5020
Next modelJohn Deere 6030
Maximum power (HP / kW)72 KM (52.94 kW)n.d.
Engine RPM2200 rpm2100 rpm
Fuel consumptionn.d.n.d.
Fuel tank capacityn.d.n.d.
Max. speedn.d.n.d.
Engine typeDiesel (diesel engine)Diesel (diesel engine)
Engine capacity8.762 l.8.762 l.
Strokes, qtyn.d.n.d.
Bore121 mm121 mm
Stroke127 mm127 mm
Coolant system capacityn.d.n.d.
Fuel filter chambers, qtyn.d.n.d.
Oil filtern.d.n.d.
Oil pumpn.d.n.d.
Speed control (control)n.d.n.d.
Injection pumpn.d.n.d.
Injection pressuren.d.n.d.
Cooling systemliquid-cooled enginen.d.
Forced coolingn.d.n.d.
Cooler typetubular-plate cooler 
Dual turbochargerNot applicableNo
IntercoolerNot applicableYes
AftercoolerNot applicableNo
Wastegate valveNot applicableNo
Variable geometryNot applicableNo
Supply voltage starter (V)24 V12 V
Groundn.d.negative ground
Battery (V)6 V6 V
Battery, qty00
Charging systemGeneratorAlternator
Weightfrom 6581 kg to 8904 kg (depending on the model)from 8246 kg (depending on the model)
Weight with ROPSn.d.n.d.
Weight with cabn.d.n.d.
Rear agricultural lampn.d.n.d.
PTO rpm1000 rpm1000 rpm
PTO controlManualmanual
Brake assistNoNo
Braking systemn.d.n.d.
Brake typedisc brakes, wet brakes, hydraulicdisc brakes, wet brakes, hydraulic
Rear clearancen.d.n.d.
Front track widthfrom 1638 mm to 2070 mmn.d.
Rear track widthfrom 1524 mm to 3048 mmn.d.
Wheelbase2640 mm2640 mm
Front tiresn.d.9.50-20
Rear tiresn.d.n.d.
Max. mass of the trailer without brakes1500 kg1500 kg
Turning radiusn.d.n.d.
Drive system4×2, 2WD (depending on model)4×2, 2WD (depending on model)
Additionalone wheel driveone wheel drive
Permanent 4-wheel driven.d.n.d.
Permanent systems that constantly power all the wheelsn/an/a
Dynamic allocation of power between the axlesn/an/a
Independent Link SuspensionNoneNone
Crawler driveNoNo
Hydrostatic steeringNoYes
Front rodsn.d.n.d.
Rear planetary drivesn.d.n.d.
Front planetary drivesn.d.n.d.
Three-point hitchn.d.n.d.
Three-point hitch typen.d.n.d.
Three-point hitch performancen.d.n.d.
Three-point hitch pressuren.d.n.d.
Load SensingNoNo
Constant flowNoNo
Constant pressureNoNo
Control systemn.d.n.d.
Two-section distributorn.d.n.d.
Quick couplingsn.d.n.d.
Auto Liftn.d.n.d.
Synchronous transmissionYesYes
Transmission mechanically synchronizedn/an/a
Hydrostatic transmissionn.d.n.d.
Forward gears88
Reverse gears22

Note that n/a means not available, and n.d. means no data.


John Deere is the strongest tractor brand, and the 5020 and 6030 are regarded as remarkable tractors. Despite their differences, they still are one of the best models of John Deere tractors you can get.

However, this article shows that the John deere 6030 is stronger than the John deere 5020 tractor. A 6030 can do what a 5020 can and even faster, saving you time. They also differ in price, and you should only go for what you can afford that will do the job perfectly.

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