Are you into commercial farming, and are you interested in knowing how much pressure is required in Yanmar Tractor Tires? In this article, you will get to understand the following:

  • The concept of pressure in tires
  • The operations of the Yanmar tractor generally
  • The amount of pressure in Yanmar tires

Needed Pressure in Yanmar Tractor Tires

Good pressure in the tires can give you the best out of your compact tractor. This is to say that your tractor tire must possess some amount of pressure for the tractor to function very well.

But if the pressure is too much or low on the tire, it can ruin your tractor; it could be short-term or long-term damage.

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Does a tractor need pressure in its tires? Yes, it does. And below are the reasons why they must be a certain amount of pressure in a tractor tire:

  • Tire pressure supports the structural integrity of the tractor.
  • A good amount of tire pressure improves traction by aiding the tractor to have maximum ground contact.
  • It ensures you have the best possible ride with your tractor.
  • It increases the performance expectancy and life span of the tractor.

But when the pressure is overinflated, it can cause:

  • Wear and tear to the tractor
  • Discomfort while riding the tractor.
  • Increased ground compaction
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Reduce the performance expectancy of the tractor. (20% over inflation cause 30% performance loss).

When the pressure is underinflated, it can cause:

  • Bead slip: This happens when the bead of the tire slips and rubs against the rims of the tires, creating a large amount of heat that eventually destroys the tire.
  • Unbalanced wear and tear
  • Reduction in the life span of the tractor. (A 10% underinflation can cause a 15% reduction in life expectancy).
  • Sidewall damage

You should note that by design, a tractor requires just a little unit of pressure, unlike cars and trucks.

About Yanmar Tractors

Yanmar tractor company

Yanmar is a Japanese-owned diesel engine manufacturer established in Japan in 1912. Yanmar manufactures and sells engines used in seagoing vessels, construction plants, pleasure boats, generator sets, and agricultural plants.

It produces its tractors and sells engines to John Deere tractors (John Deere is known as the best tractor brand in the world).

Yanmar tractors are produced with the finest technologies making them one of the trusted tractor brands in Japan and the world.

How Much Pressure is in Yanmar Tractor Tires?

The amount of pressure differs. The pressure in Yanmar tires depends on the model, size, and tractor’s load-carrying capacity.

  • A small Yanmar tractor carrying a load of 3150kg is said to have its pressure set at 11.5psi at 10kph.
  • The medium size has a tire pressure of 23psi and can carry a load of 4355kg at 10kph.
  • When the speed increases to 40kph, the maximum load allowed with 23psi is 3350kg.

Moreover, the Yanmar tractor is all suited with the right pressure, but you must ensure it does not go down (underinflated) or goes up (overinflated).

Is Yanmar Cheaper Than John Deere?

Yanmar is comparably slightly lower than John Deere in performance and durability. It is significantly cheaper than John Deere in price.

Essential Facts About The Yanmar Tractor

  1. Most Yanmar tractors use diesel. But in 2019, Yanmar produced new industrial gas engines that work more quietly than diesel tractors. The gas tractors are ideal for working indoors and in enclosed farm areas. For the records, Yanmar built the world’s first small diesel engine, the “HB model,” in 1930.
  2. Yanmar built compact tractors for John Deere for 30 years. To confirm, go to any John Deere tractor and check the compact; you will find a diesel engine.
  3. Yanmar, after being absent from the US market, is back fully. You can buy Yanmar tractors from any verified tractor merchants in the US.
  4. Earlier, the Yanmar tractor used a green color. But presently, it has changed to deep red. So deep red is the present trademark color of the Yanmar tractor.


Even though the Yanmar tractor is known to have a good amount of tire pressure, it is required that you do regular pressure checks on your tractors.

This should be done at least once a week. You also should consider the capacity of the tractor’s loads and the work it does. All these are done to achieve optimum results in your Yanmar tractor.

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