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How Soon Can A Goat Get Pregnant After Giving Birth?

Do you rear goats and you want to know how soon can a goat get pregnant after giving birth? The information in this article will give your answers and more about goat pregnancies.

Goats are among the first set of domesticated animals by the man that is grown for their milk, meat and hides for a very long time.

Rearing goats can be difficult for you if you haven’t reared one before.

Whether you rear goats for private consumption or money sake there are certain basic things you must have to know about goats.

goat pregnant after giving birth

And one of them is how soon can goats get pregnant after birth. But before I go deep into explaining it. It will be important for you to first understand how the reproductive system of a goat works.

The Nature of a Goat’s Reproductive cycle

The reproductive circle of a goat runs seasonally. This trait is found in wild goats who mate only in November and December so that the kids will grow in a favourable condition that will enhance their growth.

These species of goats that breed at this time are usually called “Seasonal breeders”.

Domesticated goats only mate when they are on heat. According to research, there is a connection between heat in goats and daylight.

Also, it has been discovered that high temperature and prolong light can suppress the desires of the goat to mate.

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Although the bucks mate throughout the year, the heat dictates when they will produce offspring.

In essence, Heat is important for goats to get pregnant.

Heat Cycle of Goats

The heat in most domesticated goat’s species appears in the fall when the nights are longer and days shorter.

However, if the right conditions and good nutrition are constantly available, some goats will be always on heat, ready to reproduce at all time.

Naturally, the heat cycle of a goat occurs every 18 to 24 days, this is an average of 21 days. However, younger goats do have a heat cycle between 5 to 7 days, but it is mostly rare.

Heat itself manifest in mature goats over a period ranging from 24 to 72 hours.

Haven discussed the nature of the reproductive and heat cycle of oats. Let’s go into the main point.

How Soon Can A Goat Get Pregnant After Giving Birth?

There is no exact time frame for a goat to become pregnant after birth. But certain factors such as the heat as discussed above influences it.

For a goat to get pregnant after giving birth, it must return to heat first.

Normally, a doe (a female goat) returns to heat after kidding. But for health sake, you should let your doe have a recovery break.

Kidding and lactating can very exhausting for the doe. So, it is wise the doe rests before she is being brought to the male goat.

Let’s go to the gestation period to better understand the above point.

Gestation Period for Goats

Normally, the gestation period of goats is 150 days. Although, this ranges from 143 to 157 days depending on the breed of the goat, the age, the gender of the kids and how many, the health, and whether it is the first birth or not.

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How Many Times Do Goats Give Birth In A Year?

Most goats give birth only once a year. As stated earlier a goat gestation period is 150 days, the doe can get back to heat several times in a year, but this is not enough for the doe to give birth more than twice in a year.

An example of a goat breed that gives birth twice a year is the “Boer” breed.

Goats of this breed come into heat throughout the year. As a result, Boers deliver kids both during the spring and fall season.

Dwarf goats can also bread throughout the year. Many goat’s rearer has gone ahead to adopt a strategy that can make the doe give birth thrice a year.

It is possible, but this can come with complication to both the doe and her kids.

At What Age Can A Goat Get Pregnant?

According to researches, buckling gets fertile at the age of five months.

Although successful breeding can occur in the doe kid at three months of age. This means, that the doe kid can give birth to kids at three months of age.

Although it is possible you shouldn’t let that happen or else her goat will be stunted permanently. And, this won’t be nice.

Why Does Goat Die After Giving Birth?

Goats can have abortions and stillbirths because of multiple reasons. The major one is being caused by infections like; chlamydiosis, toxoplasmosis, brucellosis or leptospirosis.

Secondly, it can be caused as a result of poor nutrition, farm hygiene or poor biosecurity.

Sometimes, kids are born weak from the causes but die afterwards.

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How Many Kids Does A Goat Have Per Birth?

On an average score, goats have two kids per gestation, but it is still not rare for them to have three or four kids at once.

There are cases, where goats give birth to five to six kids. All this depends on their breed and the strength of their health.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the current record of the goats that gave birth to the most kids at once is held by a Nigerian dwarf goat “Angelica” from the United State. This doe gave birth to seven kids on February 16, 2019.


I believe by now you know how soon can a goat get pregnant after giving birth.

As a goat breeder, it is important to keep everything you read now in your brain because there will be times you will need to practice it or draw out what is wrong with your goats.

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